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Keg King Keg Master Series 4 Kegerator SS

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The all-new Keg King Series 4 Kegerator is the perfect way to bring draft beer into your home. Whether you serve homebrew or commercial kegs, this system is the perfect addition to your home bar, basement or brew cave. The system comes setup for homebrew ball lock connections out of the box.  

The refrigerator also double as a fermentation chamber when not dispensing to provide you with an accurate environment to control fermentation temperatures and improve your beer’s flavor.

Perfect for anyone looking to put beer on tap at home or at a café, restaurant, or bar.

Looking to add a commercial keg to your kegerator? Check out our Commercial to Homebrew Keg Coupler!

Included (Kegs, Cylinder, and Glassware not included):

  1. Series 4 Kegerator with digitally adjustable temperature settings
  2. 1, 2, or 3 forward-sealing high quality Ultratap Stainless Steel taps
  3. 304 Stainless steel draft tower with faucet shank
  4. CO2PO Single body regulator
  5. Beer and gas lines (sets of 1,2, or 3) with ball lock connections
  6. CO2 Distributor (for double or triple only) w/ 1/4" MFL shutoffs
  7. Tower fan to improve air circulation to keep the draft tower cool to minimize foamy pours
  8. Heavy-duty castor wheels
  9. Guard rail
  10. Drip tray
  11. Gas cylinder bracket that mounts to the back of the fridge
  12. Integrated glassware holder
  13. Tap tool
  14. Removable shelf

Additional information

Support Documents - Instructions Click here for instructions

42824, 42825, 42826


- Temperature range 23F to 82F

- The fridge is approximately 164L

- Overall External Dimensions:

-23” Wide

-24” Deep


-33” Fridge Only  

-35” Fridge with Casters  

-49.75" Fridge with Tower

-52" Fridge with Casters and Tower

Internal Dimensions:

-20" wide

-16.25" deep (13.25" deep on compressor side)

-28" tall (24" clearance under glass rack)

Note: Kegs and a CO2 cylinder will need to be added to complete unit. A Sankey D-style coupler can also be purchased separately to dispense commercial kegs. Pictured kegs are NOT included.

Shipping: This system will be shipped in 2 packages. This item qualifies for free ground shipping and can only be shipped ground to the lower 48 states.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Works great!

Easy to put together and does its job well. Had some trouble trying to switch the direction the door opens and the rail that goes on top doesn't fit quite right but otherwise it works great!

King Keg Series 4

First off it seems to be a pretty well-built machine. The inside is clean and it has a real compressor instead of an electronic method of cooling. However, it does have some issues. To start with, the shipping box and packing material was quite poor. The Styrofoam was inadequate to protect the product outside from damage during shipping. Which I had: One ding on the door of the fridge. It was small but it is noticeable. Second, the pieces that you must put together yourself are stored inside the fridge somewhat loosely. In my case, one of the plastic feet for the metal railing was missing. This is the rail which mounts on top of the fridge and borders the back and sides of the top surface. Really like the digital display and functionality. The refrigeration is not regulating well. I set the fridge to 34 Deg F. I placed a thermocouple into the fridge which was connected to a calibrated thermometer. Left for a day with the door closed (never opened) and noted the temperature would swing from 30F to 38F as read from the thermometer. The built-in digital readout gave readings between 32F and 36F. Last, a one-to-three shutoff valve was supplied with the machine. This was known a head of time so I can’t complain much, with the exception that there were no instructions on where to mount it inside without piercing some hidden refrigerant line. I wanted to supply all three kegs with their own regulated gas supply. IMHO, if the manufacturer wanted to improve this device, they would put a bulkhead for each keg the device would hold. Put the 1 to 3 outside which would give users a choice to change to separately regulated lines if wanted.

A great kegerator for the money

I had considered building my own keezer but due to a shortage of freezers thanks to the virus, I decided to go with this product. You get a lot of equipment as part of the deal, which is a good value in itself. I've had it for a few months now and it works great. Only complaint I have is that there doesn't seem to be an adjustment for how much temperature swing it allows. I've had movement of 3 to 4 degrees at times before it would cool back down. Not a major deal though for me. I did also have a small dent in the door from the packaging being gouged by something during shipping.


Good product for the price. I bought the double tap. Directions could be better. The YouTube links are no longer available. The tower could be mounted better. I don’t like that it moves so much when you grab a pint. It did come with some damaged parts but NB had new parts out to me me within a day. All in all this is a good purchase and I’m happy with the product.

This has the full package

Purchased this to replace my old one that finally gave up. After some careful shopping, I decided on this one because it will fit three corny kegs, the CO2 tank mounts outside, temperature can be dialed in and get pretty cold if you wanted, and you can chill the tower with a push of a button. I’ve used it to lager a carboy of beer while having room for a keg. The toughest part is assembly of the hose in the tower but that is difficult on other units too so it’s all the same. Just invest a little time and it’s done. The customer service was exceptional and the price was very competitive.

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Keg King Keg Master Series 4 Kegerator SS

Keg King Keg Master Series 4 Kegerator SS