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Ss Brewtech Brewmaster Brew Bucket 7 Gallon

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The Brew Bucket was the very first product Ss Brewtech invented. Essentially they were home brewers sick of the fact that there were no affordable quality 304 stainless steel fermenters on the market. It’s no secret that stainless steel is the superior material for sanitary fermentation. You don’t see your local craft brewery fermenting in plastic for a reason. Stainless steel is more sanitary than plastic and safer than glass.

The signature conical base of the Brew Bucket minimizes potential off-flavors due to yeast contact during fermentation and allows the yeast to collect below the racking arm for a clean sample or transfer. All sizes of brew buckets fit nicely into standard chest freezers for convenient temp controlled fermentation. And of course, one other very popular and unique feature of the design is that Brew Buckets can be stacked during use! Not to mention a nice assortment of custom accessories have been made for these.

Brewmaster Editions of the Brew Buckets feature a weldless thermowell and LCD thermometer.

Product Key Features:

  • Conical base with rotatable racking arm
  • Space-saving stackability 
  • Weldless thermowell w/ LCD thermometer
  • ?” Mini ball valve for transfers and gravity samples
  • Wide lid with secure spring clamps
  • 17mm port in the lid for ½” blow off tubing (Blow-off Barb not included)
  • Welded carrying handles
  • Etched volume markings (gallons/liters)
  • Patent pending
  • Optional temperature control for 7 Gallon with FTSs Chilling Kit (not included)

Specs for 7 Gallon Brewmaster:

  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • 7-gallon capacity
  • 12.5” Diameter
  • 20.5” Height

    17mm port in lid requires a No. 2 Drilled Stopper or the Ss Brewtech customized Blow-off Barb.

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      Customer Reviews

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      Works as Advertised-Recommend It.

      Brewed first batch using the SS Brewmaster 7 gal. fermenter on March 16, 2019 after completing the stainless steel 'passivation" process, with Tri-Sodium Phosphate cleaner and StarSan treatment SS says to use to protect the stainless steel.,
      I brewed an NB Peace Coffee Stout in it. I used the blow off tube with the lid attachment (extra) and placed the end of the blow-off hose in a bucket of StarSan. It worked perfectly and completed the fermentation with no problem. The beer came out on March 30, 2019 as intended, meaning it tasted great.
      The racking arm and ball valve worked perfectly and I saw no hop/grain/yeast trub in the beer as it flowed into the keg. I had used a strainer just in case, but no trub was caught in it throughout the racking process.
      The thermostat was a great addition and let me know the temperature status of the beer throughout the process.
      The Brewbucket has no more of a footprint than a glass carboy and I was able to carry it by the handles when full.
      It cleaned up readily with a sponge (not the ScotchBrite part of the sponge) and PBW solution. SS Brewtech takes some pains to warn you about using the wrong cleansers.
      I will say putting the silicone sealing ring back in the lid took some doing after cleaning, but got it in okay.Perhaps some instructions on that??
      It is safer than the glass ( I know from experience) which was one reason I bought it..
      I would definitely recommend it


      I love it, l love it

      Great fermenter

      Easy to assembly and it works great. I would definitely buy another one.

      Ss Brewtech Brewmaster Brew Bucket

      When I received the Ss Brewtech Brewmaster 7 Gallon Brew Bucket, it was everything I had expected but I still have not tested it. I plan to try it out in May because I am too busy at this time. I wish I could brew up a batch now but I don’t want to start it until I can give it my full attention. No room for mistakes for my brewing experience. Home brew is the absolute best.


      Tested for leaks with water and none....But started to leak with pressure of a batch

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      Ss Brewtech Brewmaster Brew Bucket 7 Gallon

      Ss Brewtech Brewmaster Brew Bucket 7 Gallon

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