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Brewery Essentials Herculometer Advanced Gravity Testing Kit

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When you need to need to know! And when it comes to homebrewing and winemaking, tracking your progress down to the very smallest detail can mean the difference between a good batch and a great one.

The Brewery Essentials Herculometer® Advanced Gravity Test kit has it all... Power. Precision. Perfection. Each virtually indestructible hydrometer is forged from rugged polycarbonate plastic, so you won't have to worry about your hydrometers breaking right when you need to take a reading. Plus, we've divided the scale into thirds and increased the range on each hydrometer, so you can get the most precise readings possible. It's easier than ever to gauge the exact specific gravity of your beer, wine, cider, or mead, from a high gravity of 1.130 all the way down to a finishing 0.980.

Power. Precision. Perfection...all rolled up in The Brewery Essentials Herculometer Advanced Gravity Test Kit.

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Advanced Gravity Testing Kit Includes

  • Herculometer Precision Scale - 0.980 -1.020
  • Herculometer Precision Scale - 1.000 -1.070
  • Herculometer Precision Scale - 1.060 -1.130
  • Hydrometer Holder

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Customer Reviews

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To get precise numbers, this is it.

Great product

They are great for more precise measurements. But, they are almost to big to work in a wine thief.

No quality control

As stated by previous buyers the hydrometers are off by up to two points!
Unacceptable that Northern Brewer still sells this product when they are aware of the problem.

That is outside of our expected accuracy range of +/- 0.001. We are more than happy to replace any defective items.
Precision is not accuracy

I received a set for Christmas from my wife through Amazon (full disclosure). Out of the box, the set is nice with the only visible flaw being the lack of calibration temperature on the mid- and high- range hydrometers. A quick check ensured that they were calibrated at 60F.

I had started using them after the beginning of the year only to find that I had mash efficiency issues. After checking on a number of items in my brewing process, I checked the calibration of the hydrometers. The two that I could easily check with distilled water both read 0.003 points low. This explains nearly two months of adjusting my grind and examination of my process to try and figure out why my process had taken a step change.

I emailed NB and they apologized and replaced the set. When I next brewed, I had prepared with calibrated solutions of sucrose to check all of the hydrometers. Opening the box, I discovered that there were two of the low range hydrometers and one of the high range hydrometers. No mid range was to be found.

Pictures taken and email sent back to NB. Set itself rates a 4 for physical quality, 0 for accuracy, 5 for CS response, but 0 for lack of QA with replacement set.

Great idea but don't work with my Wine Thief

These Hydrometers are too fat and don't function well in my Wine Thief and get stuck.... Since they don't deliver the intended result, I give them a rating of 2. I will now have to purchase a wider Thief (if they exist) to leverage them.

We are sorry to hear that the Herculmeter does not work with your wine thief. It will work with a sample test jar and we will have CS send you one to help in your testing.

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Brewery Essentials Herculometer Advanced Gravity Testing Kit

Brewery Essentials Herculometer Advanced Gravity Testing Kit

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