Mad Brewer™ Deluxe Brew Lab Kit

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The Brix/Specific Gravity Refractometer allows for quick gravity readings during every step of the process; without the need for a full test jar sample.

The Checker 1 pH tester will help you make sure your mash pH is correct. Ensure a healthy fermentation from the yeast and the best flavors from your mash.

The Northern Brewer Folding Digital Thermometer provides accurate readings for your brew day, while the Northern Brewer digital pocket scale is ready for precise ingredient additions.

We’ve also included a supply of gypsum and calcium chloride to get you started with water treatment. Kit Includes:
  • Brix/Specific Gravity Refractometer
  • Checker 1 pH Tester
  • Northern Brewer Digital Pocket Scale
  • Northern Brewer Folding Digital Thermometer
  • 1 lb Gypsum
  • 1 lb Calcium Chloride
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Not very good

I have had this kit for a year and have probably done 15 batches with it. The scale broke in the 1st month, but it is cheap and I considerred it a throw in to make the package look better. The refractometer lasted a year but now has officially lost its mind. It will no longer acurratly reads RO water. The Thermometer is not accurate and never really has been. The PH meter does work well. It is easy to use and seems accurate. My overall recommendation would be just to spend a little more and get quality gear. The measurements we take are important and this kit has failed all over the place. I made $100 investment that, in a year, is a ph tester.

Top notch

You guys always deliver. It's the best! 5 stars. Can't wait to soo what you come up with next. I'm running out of stuff to say. User friendly!

Deluxe Brew Lab Kit

Just what I order the equipment work just like I excepted.
When received it was packed well and protected

Good value, all items useful

I ended up here needing a new refractometer. I'll start with the price; this is about a $52 discount from buying the items individually.

The refractometer is seemingly high quality, like the ones you pay ~$100 for. Trust me, this is my second and the first was a $35 model that loses accuracy at higher gravities... This one jibes with the lab grade hydrometers I have. I don't use a refractometer for final gravity, just for mash and starting gravities. I would have been happy if this was all that was in the box.

The thermometer is nice, but it isn't a therma pen. It jibes with my tun thermometer without any calibration. Probably not what you want for precision, but still a nice tool.

The ph checker works - was able to see a sour I was working on reach 3.5 and my tap water read 7.1.

The scale is ostensibly ~30 times higher resolution than my Escali scale, but would've been nice to get resolution like a smart weigh ($12), especially for smaller amounts like hops or yeast. Still, it is a small improvement over what I've got.

The thief actually came in handy. I've got a couple of older style carboys that I was just using and I have a glass thief but it takes about 20 pulls to get a hydrometer sample. With this, it only took about 5 pulls and it was easy to sanitize being in 3 pieces. I don't normally need one as with the wide mouth carboys I normally use, I just use a sanitized 8 oz mason jar, but this will be useful when I have a large pipeline.

Overall, very pleased and good value.

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Mad Brewer™ Deluxe Brew Lab Kit

Mad Brewer™ Deluxe Brew Lab Kit