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Super Jet Wine Filter

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The Buon Vino Super Jet is an ideal filter system for a large-scale home winemaker, or a small winery. Filters up to 60 gallons per hour, and the self-priming, motorized pump is designed to run non-stop. Simple to set up and use whether you are clearing 5 or 50 gallons. Requires Super Jet filter pads, sold separately.

Dimensions: 7 7/8" x 7 7/8"

Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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Customer Reviews

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Great filter that leaks

I agree with the other reviewer that this is a great filter that leaks. I put mine in a mortar mixing tray on furniture cart and just roll it around as needed. The leak tray is useless, but the tub works great.I have used a single pad, so not sure what the issue is. Also, there are after-market pads out there that keep this affordable to use. I will filter 15 gallons at a time, so I need the capacity of the filter. Cartridge filters are an economical solution if you already have a pump, but this can really do the volume, and the integrated pump is great.

Works Well

When my wife got into winemaking, we decided to buy a filter. I had considered something for some of my lagers, but generally I have had good clarity on them and always just dropped the idea. With wines, the clarity was a bit more important. We weighed the choice between the Superjet and the Minijet--ended up going with the Superjet.The Good. The Superjet produces crystal clear wine. It filters a 6 gallon batch amazingly fast. We typically filter wines through the Number 1 Course Pad and the Number 2 Polish Pad. We generally do not use the Number 3 Pad (I would on whites, but not reds...Wife does not want Number 3 on her whites, though). The Not as Good. The drip catch tray that fits underneath doesn't do a good job of catching the dripping wine. Double check the tightness on all connections and on the filter pad crank to reduce the drippings. The thing is so cheap looking that I think I inadvertantly threw it out after the first cleaning. The pads can be expensive. They can only be used once and you must use three pads of a particular number for each filtering session. Thus, if filter to a Number 2 on a batch of wine, you must first Put in 3 of the Number 1 Course Pads and filter the 6 gallons, then put in 3 of the Number 2 Polish Pads and filter the 6 gallons. If you progresses to a Number 3 Pad, you would be using an additional 3 of those. The filter pads can only be used once and then you toss them. I did not realize I had to use 3 of each pad before buying the item. Figure in the expense! There is some loss of wine each time you filter...liken that to loss while racking beer from the primary to secondary. Final Thoughts: We went with the Superjet because we looked at what we thought were relatively large volumes of wine for the year and figured the extra speed would be nice in comparison to that of the Minijet. Well, the Superjet is so darn fast that I suspect the Minijet would have been "fast enough." Also, the filters for the Minijet are smaller (hence the...

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Super Jet Wine Filter

Super Jet Wine Filter

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