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Pinot Noir Wine Kit - Master Vintner Winemaker's Reserve

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Ready to savor the taste of success? The exotic bouquet of Master Vintner Pinot Noir captures luscious aromas of ripe red fruits and spiced chocolate in six gallons of amazing hand-crafted wine.

Packed with the freshest winemaking ingredients, this foolproof recipe kit brings together rich flavors of cherry and tart raspberry, alongside notes of dark, juicy currants and bright red strawberry to complement a luxurious, velvety mouthfeel. Pairs well with sharp cheese, pork, veal and salmon.

For even more complexity, age Master Vintner Pinot Noir with oak (materials not included) to develop an elegant and intense full-bodied wine, deep with refined tannins and notes of coffee and tobacco.

Yield: 6 Gallons

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SKU 41919
Wine Color Red
Wine Style Pinot Noir
Yield 6 Gallons

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

This wine is good while bottling. Looking forward to what it will taste like after 6 months but I never seam to find out.

Very Pleased with First Wine Making Attempt

It’s difficult for me to review as this was my very first attempt at winemaking. I consider myself to have above average knowledge of wine, but it’s limited to tastings and understanding of the qualities and variables which go into different wines. With all that said I was very pleased to produce a very drinkable Pinot Noir. For my taste it is a bit fuller bodied than what I’m used to from a Pinot but has a smooth and pleasant finish. Also, it has only been bottled for about two weeks so perhaps it will mellow over time. I felt the instructions provided even me, a beginner, with easy to follow steps which I did with little confusion.If I had any recommendation on improvements, it would be some additional clarity around de-gassing the C02 from the wine. The instructions say it can be done in 2 minutes, where as videos I’ve seen say it should take 30 minutes. In any event I went with the instructions so may not have fully degassed the wine, but not really sure on this point.


Fantastic wine, came out great, will definitely purchase again, highly recommended


I started my MVWR Pinot Noir a month ago, and I'm sad to say I only have 2 of 6 gallons left. Maybe I drink it a little young, but after 20 days it was clear and tasty. The only additives I used were yeast nutrient and bentonite. This succulent wine reminds me, flavor-wise, of wild cherries, a fruit I enjoy while hiking in late summer in upstate New York. Fortunately, I have a batch of Mezza Luna in process which I will bottle in a few weeks when it is 3 weeks young. Gallon jugs. About as complicated as brewing coffee. Making decent wine for $2.50/fifth. Without all the additives.

Very nice Pinot Noir

I made this wine earlier this year and left it in the carboy after raking for about 5 months. I bottled it and at at bottling it is very nearly ready to drink. Complex flavors while still a bit rough around the edges I know from past experience that in six months it will be good and at a year it will be wonderful. Highly recommended.

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Pinot Noir Wine Kit - Master Vintner Winemaker's Reserve

Pinot Noir Wine Kit - Master Vintner Winemaker's Reserve

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