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Game Day Beer Pairings

Get ready for it, Super Bowl LII! Whether your team made it or not, millions will be watching the game. What this really means is lots of beer and even more food! Nachos, wings, and pizza will adorn coffee tables all across America, as well as the obligatory light lagers. This year, let’s see if we can’t mix things up and make something memorable with a few great beer pairings to go along with those ubiquitous snacks. Choosing the right beers to go with each food can really highlight both the brew and the munchies.

Cheers To Charlie

Words can’t express how the news of Charlie Papazian stepping down after 40 years as head of the American Homebrewers Association hit us here at World Headquarters. Well, maybe some words. To quote Luke Skywalker, “Nooooo! That’s not true! That’s impossible!”

Where would any of us be without Charlie?

Doing Your Homework: Cold Brewed Irish Coffee

It’s January in the Land of 10,000 Lakes (Minnesota, for the uninitiated), and that means snow. Lots of snow. Unlike much of the rest of the country, we take the white stuff in stride — we have to. Snow is a weekly, if not daily, occurrence here. Yet Snow Days are the complete opposite — beautiful, seldom-seen things, like unicorns, and twice as rare. So when I got the news that we were shutting down Northern Brewer World Headquarters early due to the storm howling outside, I grabbed my coat and hit the door.

Farley’s Feature – Malt!

As homebrewers, most of us have a deep understanding of the level of skill and care that goes into making a well-crafted beer. But not everyone realizes that this attention to detail and love of craft extends to the so called “raw materials” that are used to produce beer. And ultimately, no ingredient is more painstakingly crafted than the malt that we use to make our beer.