Short Pour – Hard Cider Made Easy

What’s On Tap – Hydrometers for Beer, Cider and Wine Making

When brewing beer, cider, or wine you are going to need to use a hydrometer. The hydrometer measures the amount of sugar that is dissolved in water. This sugar is what the yeast turns into alcohol during fermentation. By measuring the Original Gravity (OG) of your wort you can estimate the amount of alcohol that your wort can produce. By measuring the Final Gravity (FG) you can use the formula below to get your alcohol content in your now fermented beer.

(OG – FG) X 131 = ABV

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Short Pour – Making Hard Cider

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How to Make Hard Cider

Easy Guide to Making Hard Cider

Sparkling, still, sweet, dry, strong, or mild – make it how you like it! Hard cider (or “cider” to the rest of the world) and perry, an alcoholic beverage made from fermented pears, are classic beverages that have been around in some form or another since the middle ages. Hard cider is a classic way to express a range of flavor concepts, from wild and rustic to delicate and refined. It can be simple or complex, young or aged, bright and tannic or sweet and intense. The range of possibilities largely come from the juice of the apple itself, but can be manipulated with a little know-how and a sense of adventure. Find your path with our selection of equipment and ingredients. Please refer to our “How to Make Hard Cider” video or our “A Basic Overview of Making Hard Cider from Juice” document for basic and advanced cider making techniques.

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