Short Pour – BBQ & Brews Part 1 of 2 | Contrasting Considerations

As summer draws near, it brings with it two unshakable constants of warm weather: beer and grilling. This is not surprising as they are some of the oldest traditions in human history, however, I think our ancestors would be jealous of the diverse options for both categories we enjoy today! So, how do you know which beer to pair with that sweet baby back rib?

Short Pour Notes from Our Brewmasters - Making Mead

Short Pour – The Need for Mead

Considered the grandparent of fermented beverages, Mead and its offshoots have been around almost as long as recorded history.


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Short Pour – Draught Systems: The Perfect Balance

Every homebrewer dreams of the day when they can kiss bottling goodbye. Upgrading to a kegging system says a lot about you. You like control. Quality. You’re committed. So when you pour your hard earned cash into a draught system, foam is no longer acceptable.


Short Pour – Making Hard Cider

Apple harvest season is fast approaching. It’s a favorite time of year for myself not only for the numerous varieties of apples available at the grocery store but also the abundance of fresh pressed cider.


Short Pour – What Makes a Perfect IPA?

I was tasked with discussing this point and immediately asked for an easier topic to find a solution for, like which style of pizza is the best or which region makes the definitive BBQ. I joke, but in fact finding the “perfect” IPA has become a very similar discussion for real hop heads.

Brewing TV

Brewing with Wil Wheaton on Brewing TV – Official Trailer

Brewing TV invites you to kick back and nerd out with Brad and Nick as they trek to Wil Wheaton’s house for the perfect open-air brew day in sunny SoCal.


Short Pour – Everything but the kitchen sink!

It’s the weekend. You’ve got a few hours free, and you want to brew. The only problem is you forgot to order a recipe kit. Plus, it’s colder than a witch’s behind outside; there’s no way you’re going to the local homebrew shop in this weather. Bad timing has left you with only spare parts in your larder and nowhere to turn. So what do you do? You brew of course.

Learn Home Brew Hacks for Your Best Brew

Homebrew Hacks! Helpful suggestions and instructive videos from the brewmasters at Northern Brewer

Homebrew Hack #4 – Fight the Glug!

As much as we love standing at a sink, wasting the day away while the water in our carboy is glug-glug-glugging down the drain, Corey doesn’t love it. He’d rather be relaxing, not worrying and having a homebrew. Here’s our Homebrew Hack for Corey and every other homebrewer who would rather spend their time drinking a beer than dumping a fermentor.

Homebrew Hack #3 – Warp Speed Wort Chilling

You thought your immersion chiller was fast? It just got faster.Learn how to chill wort faster than the speed of light with this simple technique.

Homebrew Hack #2 – Drain the Main Grain… Bag that is.

Got a bag of grain to drain? We show you haw to drain the grain bag using a common office supply… the big clip. Got a good way to drain your grain? Post a reply video!

Homebrew Hack #1 – 25 Ways to Open a Bottle…

Hope you enjoy learning a few ways to open a bottle here at Northern Brewer.