Short Pour – Don’t Panic! Unsticking Stuck Fermentations

You’ve spent hours making your latest creation. You’ve sweated over the mash tun, rested at all the notable temperatures, infused, decocted, whirlpooled, first wort hopped, hop rocketed, chilled, and pitched your yeast. You relax and pour yourself a pint, looking forward to seeing that layer of krausen the next day and hearing the happy sound of healthy yeast pushing off C02. Now, you get to choose your own adventure.


Short Pour – Water Chemistry Part 2 of 2: CaCO3 & pH

In Part 1 of this topic I mentioned how minerals like Calcium and Magnesium contribute to healthy fermentation, clarity and flavor stability.  Here, in Part II, we’ll identify the ideal concentrations of each, address brewing salt additions and explore the effects of pH and alkalinity on your mash conversion.  Finally, I’ll explain how to use different ratios of chloride to sulfate to accentuate certain ingredients in your recipe.  


Short Pour – BBQ & Brews Part 1 of 2 | Contrasting Considerations

As summer draws near, it brings with it two unshakable constants of warm weather: beer and grilling. This is not surprising as they are some of the oldest traditions in human history, however, I think our ancestors would be jealous of the diverse options for both categories we enjoy today! So, how do you know which beer to pair with that sweet baby back rib?


Short Pour – Designing Your Perfect Cream Ale

It’s the time of year to start thinking about brewing a beer that you can enjoy on a hot summer day. One you can sip on a shady patio after doing yard work, with the smell of fresh cut grass in the air. A beer that is refreshing, crisp and, most importantly, drinkable. So, let’s discuss my favorite summer sipper… Cream Ale!


Short Pour – Brew Ideas for a Lazy Sunday

Now that the weather is finally warming up over here at Northern Brewer HQ, it’s time to invite some friends over for the 3 B’s of summer: Beer, BBQ, Brew Day.


Short Pour – St. Patrick’s Day: There’s always room for some good Beoir Bhaile

Last week I spoke to a customer excited to embrace his inner brewer and create his own recipes. He had carefully calculated his base and specialty malts, researched alpha acids and aroma characteristics and even sought out just the right yeast to tie everything together.


Short Pour – Hops: Getting to the Root of Brewing | Part 2 of 3

Northern Brewer sells hops in the form of a rhizome. Rhizomes are used versus seeds to guarantee you are only growing a female plant. Male hops do not form flavorful cones and will ruin your crop by producing seeds on your female plants rendering them unusable.


What’s On Tap – Hydrometers for Beer, Cider and Wine Making

When brewing beer, cider, or wine you are going to need to use a hydrometer. The hydrometer measures the amount of sugar that is dissolved in water. This sugar is what the yeast turns into alcohol during fermentation.


Short Pour – Making Hard Cider

Apple harvest season is fast approaching. It’s a favorite time of year for myself not only for the numerous varieties of apples available at the grocery store but also the abundance of fresh pressed cider.


Short Pour – What Makes a Perfect IPA?

I was tasked with discussing this point and immediately asked for an easier topic to find a solution for, like which style of pizza is the best or which region makes the definitive BBQ. I joke, but in fact finding the “perfect” IPA has become a very similar discussion for real hop heads.