All-Grain Brewing 101: The Basics

Welcome to the world of all-grain brewing! In this video, we’ll give you a crash course of everything you need to know to get started all-grain brewing.

Brewing TV

Brewing with Wil Wheaton on Brewing TV – Part 1

The Brewing TV crew flew down to So-Cal to have a brew day with beer geek, and all around good guy, Wil Wheaton. We wanted to brew a wicked triple IPA, a true Californian creation. The team shot such a huge amount of video and great conversation that we have broken it down into a few segments for you to enjo


Short Pour – Kegerators come in all shapes and sizes… it’s more fun if you build your own!

Let’s face it. Regardless of how long you’ve been brewing, bottling your beer is a tedious process. Washing, filling, and capping dozens of bottles makes for a very long day.


Homebrew Hacks

As much as we love standing at a sink, wasting the day away while the water in our carboy is glug-glug-glugging down the drain, Corey doesn’t love it. He’d rather be relaxing, not worrying and having a homebrew.


Short Pours – Hopped Up & Bitter: So Many Hops, So Little Time…

We’ve all Fuggled, Cascaded, Mosaiced, and Summitted. We’ve brewed the basics, become well-acquainted with the likes of Centennial and Cluster. But now, more than ever, is the time to experiment. With new hop varietals coming out every growing season and hop farms popping up like tulips in April, I found myself amidst a bewildering expanse of options, and so settled on four of the newest cultivars to put through the ringer.


Short Pour – Everything but the kitchen sink!

It’s the weekend. You’ve got a few hours free, and you want to brew. The only problem is you forgot to order a recipe kit. Plus, it’s colder than a witch’s behind outside; there’s no way you’re going to the local homebrew shop in this weather. Bad timing has left you with only spare parts in your larder and nowhere to turn. So what do you do? You brew of course.

What’s On Tap?

On Tap in the Northern Brewer Taproom

At Northern Brewer, we’re all about the beer! Beer recipes, beer equipment and best of all …Beer Brewing. We have Brewmasters brewing every day. Experimenting with new ingredients. Pushing the limits of the art of brewing. We always have a selection of these science experiments on tap. Our team samples them, evaluates them and gives a thumbs up or down. And we all enjoy a pint after a hard day’s work.

We thought you’d enjoy following our What’s on Tap list. It’s a great way to preview what might soon be released to the public. Be the first to know, and check back often.

Brew Share Enjoy!


Whats on tap at northern brewer in our tap room

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Beer Kit Guarantee

Beer Kit GuaranteeBeer Brewing Kits Guaranteed or Free Replacement

Northern Brewer has the most comprehensive offering of beer kits in the world. We have over twenty years of experience in homebrewing and we constantly search for the newest and freshest ingredients to add to our beer kits.

We’re so confident in the quality of our beer kits, we’ll replace any kit, anytime, no questions asked.

We take pride in our tech support and our team is ready to help you with any aspect of your brewing experience. From brew day through fermentation, during bottle or kegging and finally – sharing and enjoying. We’re here to guide you and help make sure your homebrewing experience is a success. We stand behind our promise to help you succeed.


Learn Home Brew Hacks for Your Best Brew

Homebrew Hacks! Helpful suggestions and instructive videos from the brewmasters at Northern Brewer

Homebrew Hack #4 – Fight the Glug!

As much as we love standing at a sink, wasting the day away while the water in our carboy is glug-glug-glugging down the drain, Corey doesn’t love it. He’d rather be relaxing, not worrying and having a homebrew. Here’s our Homebrew Hack for Corey and every other homebrewer who would rather spend their time drinking a beer than dumping a fermentor.

Homebrew Hack #3 – Warp Speed Wort Chilling

You thought your immersion chiller was fast? It just got faster.Learn how to chill wort faster than the speed of light with this simple technique.

Homebrew Hack #2 – Drain the Main Grain… Bag that is.

Got a bag of grain to drain? We show you haw to drain the grain bag using a common office supply… the big clip. Got a good way to drain your grain? Post a reply video!

Homebrew Hack #1 – 25 Ways to Open a Bottle…

Hope you enjoy learning a few ways to open a bottle here at Northern Brewer.


Short Pours – Blending Your Creations

Pump up your fermentations with some creativity! A really fun method of creating something unique and bold is as simple as blending different types of beers, wines, and meads.