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Short Pour – Why Bother With Bottles?

Seems like the answer should be pretty straight-forward: “So I can drink it!”…right? After all, almost everybody who brews started out by bottling their beer.


Get in Gear for Summer Beer

Summer is right around the corner and if you’re like me, you’re looking forward to moving your indoor brew house outside. The backyard, patio or driveway is the best place to bask in what little gorgeous brewing weather some of us actually get during the year.

the last straw bottle filler from keg to bottle in 15 seconds

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The Last Straw™ makes bottling day a pleasure instead of a chore with ergonomic handling and quick response time giving you the ability to fill your bottles faster.


Short Pour – Draught Systems: The Perfect Balance

Every homebrewer dreams of the day when they can kiss bottling goodbye. Upgrading to a kegging system says a lot about you. You like control. Quality. You’re committed. So when you pour your hard earned cash into a draught system, foam is no longer acceptable.


Short Pour – Kegerators come in all shapes and sizes… it’s more fun if you build your own!

Let’s face it. Regardless of how long you’ve been brewing, bottling your beer is a tedious process. Washing, filling, and capping dozens of bottles makes for a very long day.

Dry Hopping Your Homebrew

Have you ever wondered how some beers get that amazing hop punch in the flavor and aroma? Part of it could be from dry hopping. Check out this video on how to dry hop your homebrew. Then in the comment section below let us know some of your tricks, techniques and experiences with dry hopping.

Over Carbonated Beer

Look familiar? Bottle carbonating beer isn’t a complicated process, but to get consistent result across many batches requires a bit of extra planning.

Keezer Build: Converting a Chest Freezer for Science (and Beer)

KeezerConverting a Chest Freezer for Science (and Beer)

Keezer, Kegerator, Breezer, Corny Chest, Freezerator. These are all words one could use to describe the beer dispensing system that was in need of building at Northern Brewer Minneapolis up until early afternoon today. Let me explain how important and helpful this magical device that we just built will be. Like any of you who might brew frequently, we have a lot of batches of beer that need to be kegged and drank. Trying to accomplish this in a basic chest freezer with plastic picnic taps running from Corny kegs was just not cutting it anymore. Some sloppy pouring from plastic picnic tap lines and one sighting of a bit of mold was more than enough to encourage us all that we needed Perlick faucets and organized, clean beverage lines a.s.a.p.
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