Short Pours is our way of publishing articles about brewing today. Our staff of brewmasters are always experimenting, researching, and coming up with great ideas that they want to share with you.


Short Pour – What Makes a Perfect IPA?

I was tasked with discussing this point and immediately asked for an easier topic to find a solution for, like which style of pizza is the best or which region makes the definitive BBQ. I joke, but in fact finding the “perfect” IPA has become a very similar discussion for real hop heads.


Short Pour – Kegerators come in all shapes and sizes… it’s more fun if you build your own!

Let’s face it. Regardless of how long you’ve been brewing, bottling your beer is a tedious process. Washing, filling, and capping dozens of bottles makes for a very long day.


Short Pours – Hopped Up & Bitter: So Many Hops, So Little Time…

We’ve all Fuggled, Cascaded, Mosaiced, and Summitted. We’ve brewed the basics, become well-acquainted with the likes of Centennial and Cluster. But now, more than ever, is the time to experiment. With new hop varietals coming out every growing season and hop farms popping up like tulips in April, I found myself amidst a bewildering expanse of options, and so settled on four of the newest cultivars to put through the ringer.


Short Pour – Everything but the kitchen sink!

It’s the weekend. You’ve got a few hours free, and you want to brew. The only problem is you forgot to order a recipe kit. Plus, it’s colder than a witch’s behind outside; there’s no way you’re going to the local homebrew shop in this weather. Bad timing has left you with only spare parts in your larder and nowhere to turn. So what do you do? You brew of course.


Short Pours – Blending Your Creations

Pump up your fermentations with some creativity! A really fun method of creating something unique and bold is as simple as blending different types of beers, wines, and meads.


Summit Hops – Much Love

While we tend to enter any new pursuit with some naivety, I can’t smirkingly kick myself enough when I recall how I once assumed Summit hops were sourced from Minnesota’s Summit Brewing Company. I also assumed that Northern Brewer hops were proprietary to NB stores & it took awhile for me to adopt the now-logical notion that the hops inspired the store name. Though I’m recently fairly certain the hop-to-brand name match of Summit Brewing’s is coincidental – by virtue of the information surrounding the development of North America’s highest rated alpha acid hop.