Doing Your Homework: Cold Brewed Irish Coffee

It’s January in the Land of 10,000 Lakes (Minnesota, for the uninitiated), and that means snow. Lots of snow. Unlike much of the rest of the country, we take the white stuff in stride — we have to. Snow is a weekly, if not daily, occurrence here. Yet Snow Days are the complete opposite — beautiful, seldom-seen things, like unicorns, and twice as rare. So when I got the news that we were shutting down Northern Brewer World Headquarters early due to the storm howling outside, I grabbed my coat and hit the door.

Sour Beers & Barrels

Kettle Souring Made Easy

When it comes to technique, sour beers are no different. Traditionally, sour beers utilize a long, arduous aging period to allow various bacterial and/or yeast cultures to slowly turn the fermented beer into a wonderfully complex and tart delight. In practice, however, many brewers just do not have the patience to wait up to 24 months for the souring to occur. For these brewers (myself included), there exists a work-around to emulate a traditionally soured beer: Enter the kettle souring method.


Brew. Share. Enjoy Brewery Series Kits

The Brew. Share. Enjoy.® Brewery Edition is unlike anything we have ever created before. For the first time ever, homebrewers like you will have exclusive access to the most sought-after, limited-release beers in the world, complete with first-hand insight from the world-class pro brewmasters who created them.


We call shotgun: A guide to the ultimate brewery road trip.

By this time tomorrow, a few lucky bastards brewers on our team will be trying hard not to fanboy all over the country’s greatest brewers at the RateBeer Best Beer Festival in California. Must be nice…But, if you can’t get your favorite breweries to come to you, there’s only one solution: Pack your bag and pilgrimage to 70 of the top-ranked breweries in the world, obviously.


Breweries that go above and beyond the generous pour

You’ve heard of do-gooders, right? Say what you will about 2016, but according to this Porch Drinking article, there were a whole lot of brew-gooders making the world a better place last year. Kudos to the breweries who stepped up (as if filling it with beer wasn’t enough). While you won’t find the Northern Brewer team shooting a “Beerdoir” Calendar for charity (you’re welcome!), we are proud to support Pints for Prostates with donations supporting prostate cancer research.


A brewery on every corner? Sounds amazing.

This article predicts the beer version of “a taco truck on every corner” and we at Northern Brewer couldn’t be happier. Our own HQ is based smack dab in the heart of one of the greatest beer cities in America, according to Thrillist. And knowing you’re never too far away from amazing, local beer is, we can attest, really good for the soul. Not to mention, strike up a conversation with just about anybody, and you’ll find out they’re somehow linked to either beer and brewing, or simply a die-hard, knowledgeable fan.


What’s brewing, fermenting, on tap or in the works?

What’s brewing, fermenting, on tap or in the works?

#NorthernBrewer wants to know…and so do your fellow homebrewers & winemakers.


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Short Pour – Making Hard Cider

Apple harvest season is fast approaching. It’s a favorite time of year for myself not only for the numerous varieties of apples available at the grocery store but also the abundance of fresh pressed cider.