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Royal® Crown Bottle Capper


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The Royal® Crown Bottle Capper is the first and last capper you’ll ever need, designed to be invincible. We took the traditional double-lever capper, reinforced every joint, used stronger plastic, and tossed, tested, twisted, trampled and literally walked all over our prototypes to deliver you a soldier who will stand reliably by your side whether your homebrewing career will bear 5 batches or 5,000.

Intuitive handling, robust spring-loaded arms and a handy cap-grabbing magnet ensure your best bottling days are ahead of you, while the standard bell can be easily swapped out with a 29mm bell to enable use of the Royal® capper with 29mm European caps.


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Royal™ Crown Bottle Capper

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  • Royal® Crown Bottle Capper
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Homebrewers go through a lot with their first capper. The simple tool we rely on most when investment and anticipation are at their peak, sealing an epiphany inside the first unlabeled brown glass bottle for only a few weeks until you pop the top, take your first sip of your first batch and realize that, this homebrewing thing, you can do it!

It stands by your side through the good and the bad, the learning curve and the experiments, the extract education and your evolution into all-grain. And all the while, each and every bottle is crimped between the trusty wings of your handy capper. Until the day it breaks.

Well, we decided that losing your first bottle capper is a heartbreak that no homebrewer should have to go through. So we reinforced every joint, used stronger plastic, and tossed, tested, twisted, trampled prototypes in every way possible to deliver you a soldier who will stand by your side and fight the good fight. Whether your lifetime homebrewing career will bear 5 batches or 5,000, the Royal® crown capper will march by your side as the first and only unbreakable capper. Built to withstand the pressures of a bottling line, the Royal® capper is fast, furious, easy to use and will never, ever, ever break. It is the first and last capper you’ll ever need, certain to prove deserving of a hard-earned place in bottling days for generations to come.

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I had been brewing with a friend of mine for the last five years, and recently decided to invest in my own equipment. I needed a capper and didn't have the money to buy another bench capper, so I decided to go with this one even though I never had much love for these style cappers. The other reviews and e description gave me hope this one would be different. Well it was different in the sense that it was the worst capper I have ever used. It only sealed about a third of a five gallon batch properly, and I ended up using about four times as many caps as needed trying to get them to fit snug enough for me to be comfortable bottle conditioning these in. Even though most of the caps were only barely on there compared to what the Super Agata can do on pretty much every bottle I've bottled with one, it still managed to carb somehow. My advice is if you are in the market for a capper, spring for the Super Agata bench style capper. It's about 50 bucks depending on where you look, but it is so much better and you'll probably end up saving money in the long run.
February 4, 2016
Response from Northern Brewer

Thanks for submitting your review. I have posted it to the site but I'd like to try and help. This capper generally preforms much better. I would be happy to send a replacement or help troubleshoot the capper you already have. Is the bell housing (where the caps sit) screwed down all the way? They can become loose in transit and that can cause some issues during the bottling process.

If we do send a replacement, we can include some replacement caps as well. If the bell housing was loose, we could offer a gift card to help with replacement caps.
November 21, 2016
Northern Brewer
Broke 1st time
There are guides on each side to bring the two sides together as you crimp on the cap. Both sides of mine broke off on my first bottling batch. Look for something not made quite as cheaply.
February 11, 2017
prety disaponting from NB
This Capper is my worst purchase on NB, half the bottles are not properly sealed, fact to discover after two weeks of prime my beer.

My old Capper (red one) never let me down
December 11, 2016
1 year ago
Thumb will heal!
Using the red Royal capper. The handle broke off after only 5, yes 5, cases capped. I Jammed my thumb into the counter top. Don't know if I was madder about the capper or my thumb.
January 13, 2016
Definitely not invincible, or even close
So I finally decided to start bottling my beer after 4 long weeks of waiting. Having used a bench style capper in the past I was a bit intrigued about this device, but figured I would give it a shot. The first few bottles were uneventful, caps went on relatively snug, but a few of them required a second crimping since I could hear gas leaking already when I went to move the bottles. Fast forward a little more and I noticed more and more flex each time I went to put a bottle cap on, you could see the metal from the hinge exposed without even putting enough pressure to crimp on the cap. I decided to use caution for the next few as I was scared the capper would fail or I would spill beer all over my floor. Thankfully my fear was not recognized, but the capper still bit the dust without even making it through the entire batch. The last few caps that were crimped on were too loose to form a proper seal, and since my capper is now in the crapper, I was left up a creek without a paddle. Thankfully I had some growlers lying around, along with some swing top wine bottles to finish the job. This thing is not invincible and will leave you stranded. While much of it is reinforced, the main joints are a small metal hinge pin inside a plastic hinge. That plastic will inevitably fail at the hinge and leave you scrambling to find a way to bottle your beer.
November 28, 2016
Royal crown capper
Pretty straight forward. No surprises here
November 30, 2015
Once I figured it out...
My fear was of breaking the bottles' necks, but once I figured out how it worked, it's been great.
April 23, 2017
6 months ago
Works like a charm. Easy to use, even has a magnetic guiding tip. Must-have for homebrewers
February 11, 2017
9 months ago
Great Product
Product was as described. Shipping was pretty fast. Very happy.
February 22, 2016
This is truly indestructible
I started my business with this capper and I got to cap at least 6,000 bottles with it. I still used it once in a while when homebrewing and I definitely prefer it from a bench capper. My wife used to help me cap bottles and she loves this as well. The spring makes it easy to use and not a lot of force is needed. The only bad thing I can say about it is the color... I hate purple.
October 9, 2016
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Does this work for shorter bottles, like Sierra Nevada and Founders?
A shopper on Feb 26, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Some short squat bottles have wider necks and these can prove difficult to cap. You can get it done, but could risk breaking the capper or bottle if the lock arms, which do grip around the bottle neck, contact the neck. So, if having trouble with short squat bottles, this capper may not be the answer for your bottle source.
Is normal for the capper to press a ring into the top of each cap?
A shopper on Feb 11, 2017
BEST ANSWER: agree with the previous answer. Happens, but has not affected the beer in any discernible way as far as I can tell. I usually put the cap on the capper then apply to the bottle. I seem to have better control this way.
unbreakable? i received one with my starter kit and it broke while bottling my 2nd batch. just order another, hopefully with better caps and less pressure the new one will last
Thomas T on Jan 23, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I bought this to use, primarily, to bottle Belgian bottles that use 29-mm caps. I was able to get a 29-mm bell for it (No. Brewer does not carry them) locally. However, since I just received this and got your question, I used it to bottle a few old ales. My feeling is that it does feel cheap and like it could break. I?d recommend getting a metal one; that?s what I use. It must be 20 years old (a friend gave it to me; it was his dad?s).
Does the Royal Crown Capper include the 29mm bell?
E J on Dec 30, 2015
BEST ANSWER: The capper does not include a 29 mm bell.
Does Northern Brewer carry the 29-mm bell?
Michael S on Dec 27, 2015
BEST ANSWER: The royal crown bottle capper is great I have an all metal bottle capper but this one works a hundred times better and smoother without any force.
Where can I get a 29-mm bell for this?
Michael S on Dec 27, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Not sure, but they are out there! We do not carry it, unfortunately.
This capper came in my home brew kit I received as a Christmas gift. I used it for the first time the other day and the plastic cracked after about the 10th bottle. Does It have a warranty?
A shopper on Apr 26, 2017
BEST ANSWER: All products we carry come with a 1 year warranty against defect.
Can you buy a replacement magnet--mine came off somehow, somewhere?
J I on Jan 25, 2016

Thank you for choosing Northern Brewer! We do not sell replacement parts for those, but a possible alternative would be cutting a bit off of a refrigerator magnet and glue that up in the bell. I wish I had a better solution for you! Have a great day!
I had the red capper for many years and it worked fine. About six months ago I had hard time compressing the cap om the bottle. Went to Milwaukee store and they gave me a new blue capper. The last batch I made I had a difficult time compressing the cap straight on the bottle and broke the neck on four bottles. What's going on?
R O on Jan 2, 2016

I'm sorry that you're having trouble with the capper. The red and blue cappers should function identically. If you would like to bring your capper in, we can take a look at it and try to troubleshoot some of the issues.

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