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Fermenter's Favorites® Rack Magic® Mini Siphon


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Introducing our newest siphon: Rack Magic®! Redesigned to offer superior strength and cleanability. This siphon is the easiest, quickest way to transfer wort from primary to secondary or to siphon your delicious brew from carboy to bottle. With the racking cane, it only takes a few minutes to siphon off your batch, and the tip on the racking cane is specially designed to minimize the pickup of sediment during transfer. Works with the 5/16" Siphon Clamp, too.


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Fermenter's Favorites® Rack Magic™ Mini Siphon

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  • Fermenter's Favorites® Rack Magic™ Mini Siphon


Product Details
Introducing our newest siphon: Rack Magic®! Redesigned to offer superior strength and cleanability. This siphon is the easiest, quickest way to transfer wort from primary to secondary or to siphon your delicious brew from carboy to bottle. With the racking cane, it only takes a few minutes to siphon off your batch and the tip on the racking cane is specially designed to minimize the pickup of sediment during transfer.

  • Can be completely disassembled for cleaning
  • Body is made out of 35% thicker plastic for better shatter resistance
  • Bottom cap screws on so you will never lose it again
  • Feels much more solid and well-built
  • Purpose built for brewers by brewers
  • Works best with 5/16" ID siphon hose, but 3/8" will work as well.
  • Max. operating temperature 140° F
  • Length: 14.5"

Works with the 5/16" Siphon Clamp, too.
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Came with the 1 gallon small batch kit. Tried to use this with the bottle filler attachment to fill bottles, and the things simply would not siphon. I was filling at ground level with the jug sitting on the counter. I ended up having someone constantly pump this thing, introducing all kinds of air into the beer. I proceeded to cap off all the bottles. I feel like it's been ruined, but we'll see how it turns out. I then tested it out with just water and tubing, no bottle filler valve, and it would not siphon. It seems like everything has a tight seal, I'm don't see any obvious reason why it wouldn't work, but that doesn't change the fact that it doesn't. Gravity and suction are proven technologies, the fault lies somewhere in this cheap piece of plastic. The whole process has me looking into conical fermenters with the trub dumps and bottle filler attachments. Cutting the racking cane/siphon out of the mix entirely appeals to me.
February 12, 2018
Response from Northern Brewer
Sorry for the trouble with your Mini Siphon. It sounds like it may be somehow defective and we can certainly get you a replacement right away. I have found in a pinch that removing the middle clear plastic tube works awesome as a racking cane. I will be reaching out via email about a replacement.
February 13, 2018
Tom BStaff
Waste of money
The one I got is a piece of crap. The outside tube, that the plunger is suppose to travel up and down in, is so out-of-round in places that sliding the plunger smoothly is impossible to do. There are three places that the plunger binds in the tube. Trying to get it primed is nearly impossible. All the dead yeast in the bottom of the bucket ends up being all stirred up and beer all over the counter and floor.
January 26, 2018
Unfortunately it does not fit my 1 gallon jugs
I bought this so I could siphon from the standard glass jugs used in typical 1 gallon batches. It says it fits standard 1 gallon jugs.
Doesn't fit any of mine.
January 23, 2018
4 months ago
Good siphon tube needs minor changes
Not quite as smooth operating as the bigger model, tube at discharge end needs to be chamfered to receive the flexible tubing better, still recommend it
December 29, 2017
2 months ago
Not Worth It
I have not had much success with this siphon. This came with the small batch kit, and it’s about the only option to use with the 1 gal jug. I have to pump and pump to get it flowing, and then it’s only just a trickle when it does flow. The multiple pumps always disturbs the trub in the bottom of the kettle/fermenter and gets into the wort/beer. I would not recommend getting this if you don’t have to, but again don’t a choice with 1 gal kits. I will be upgrading to 5 gal batches soon and will get all siphon less equipment when I do.
November 20, 2017
4 months ago
Doesn't fit through mouth of 4L wine jug fermenters
I thought this would be easier to use than my full size siphon for my gallon batches. It probably would be if it fit through the fermenter mouth. All my gallon fermenters are 4L Carlo Rossi wine jugs, which I assume are used fairly commonly. This "mini" siphon is too fat to squeeze through the opening.
September 27, 2017
6 months ago
Got this a few weeks ago. Used it to rack my cream ale from primary to the bottling bucket. It worked great. With my old auto siphon I'd pick up a lot of hop debris, which you definitely do not want. Not with this one though. It's very durable, yet light weight. I highly recommend this product. Thanks Northern Brewer!
September 12, 2017
6 months ago
I've tried to give it a chance, but after my 3rd batch I began to notice this siphon simply slowly breaking apart

1) the blue rubber gasket used to keep a tight seal is starting to crumble and dry out (some falling into my wort!), when using it it no longer siphons very well

2) this same rubber gasket was incredibly inflexible to begin with, making it a real struggle to properly pump wort

3) after assembling and reassembling to see if there's was a problem, I realized this is just how it's built and there's no fixing this..

I wish I could order a replacement rubber gasket to see if it was just that that was the issue, but I'm wary to take another chance on this. The plus side I guess it's not overly expensive but wish I invested in something better than can do the job right and not add to brew day headaches.
Doesn't hold a tight seal; bubbles forming in starsan
Crumbling and slowly disintegrating into tiny pieces
August 27, 2017
8 months ago
Completely useless
I recieved this item as part of the Small Batch Homebrewing Kit. (SKU# U7801) While I am going to wait until my homebrew has finished in bottles before reviewing the entire kit, I felt that this item needed its own review.

This product did not work at all. This is after:
-watching several tutorial videos,
-trying different levels.
Disassembling and reassembling to make sure It was put together properly.

This did not transfer any of my homebrew at any stage. IT only proceeded to add air into the wort/beer when trying to transfer the liquid.

I ended up having to use a funnel.

I don't want a horrible product ruining my first homebrew experience, but this item most certainly turned me off.

Would not recommend and use a turkey baster instead. more reliable.
August 20, 2017
Highly valuable tool for 1 gallon batches. The regular auto siphon was just too big!
June 18, 2017
9 months ago
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How do you reassemble the bottom components? I unscrewed the bottom, to clean after first use, without realizing there were like 3 other pieces inside. I have tried to reassemble but the siphon won't work now. A video would be great!
M M on Jun 20, 2016

Thanks for your question. I have attached some photos showing how it goes together. The first photo shows all the pieces. The second photo shows the two inner most pieces and how they fit together, putting the U shaped piece in the notches of the donut looking ring. The third picture shows how they fit into the bottom piece with the hole through it. The fourth photo shows how that whole assembly screws onto the siphon body. The last photo shows everything fully assembled. If you have any further question I'm only an email or phone call away.


What is the overall length?
A K on May 4, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Perfect for a one gallon fermenter.
Does this fit into a one gallon jug?
S J on Feb 27, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yup. Works really nice with my 1 gallon jugs
What is the diameter of the bottom end? In other words, what is the smallest mouth jug it can fit into?
A shopper on Jan 31, 2017
BEST ANSWER: The opening of the container would need to be about 1 1/16th inch in diameter.
So... what is the over measurements?
D J on Apr 21, 2016

Thanks for the question. Which measurements are you looking for?


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