Craig Blum

Where are you from?
Morgantown, WV

What is your favorite brewing topic to talk to customers about?
I like to help new brewers learn the basics of brewing.

What was your biggest brewing blunder?
I once left my grains in my cooler mash tun  for over a week. The smell was over powering. My wife no longer lets me brew in the house.

What movie have you watched the most times?
Young Frankenstein

What was your proudest moment in your fermentation history?
I managed to get a Mead with a starting gravity of 1.140 to fully ferment and clear.

Why do you brew?
I brew to relax and to share good beer with friends.

When did you start brewing?
I started brewing in 2009 after my wife bought me a starter kit for Christmas.

What is your brewing system?
I brew All-grain beers with a 2 cooler setup and a 10 Gallon MegaPot.

What is your favorite style of beer for drinking and for brewing?
Oatmeal stout. Easily my favorite beer.

If you could share a beer with anyone throughout history, of even fictional, who would it be?
I would love to have a pint with Mel Brooks. I bet he gets even funnier after a few.

Where do you spend your non-brewing time?
I spend my non-brewing time with my new, growing family.

Who are your three favorite musicians/bands?
Stevie-Ray Vaughn, BB king, Gramatik