Northern Brewer’s Homebrew Video Library

Northern Brewer has nearly 20 years of experience helping people learn how to make beer and wine at home. Our expertise is evident in our customer service, website, retail stores and brewing videos. Here in our Video Homebrew Videos Library you’ll find beer brewing and wine making videos to help you become a better brewer as well as product videos featuring our ingredients, equipment and popular beer recipe kits. Northern Brewer is here to help you brew, share and enjoy.

Brewing Starter Kits

Complete walk-through videos of our most popular brewing starter kits:

Brew. SHARE. Enjoy. Starter Kit

Deluxe Brewing Starter Kit

1 Gallon Small Batch Starter Kit

– Go Pro Small Batch Beer Making Kit

Beer Recipe Kits

Learn to brew these customer favorites. We cover everything from Cream Ale to Smashing Pumpkin.

See what brewing is all about or find a new recipe for your next brew.

Brewing TV

Brewing TV’s mission is to cover the world of homebrewing through the magic of video.


Advancing your home brewing knowledge can make a big difference in how your beer tastes.

Learn something new or brush up on the brewing basics.

Brewing Equipment

At Northern Brewer we supply customers with the finest beer brewing equipment possible.

Learn how to set up and use the next addition to your home brewery from this collection of product videos.

Kegging and Bottling

Whether your beer is home brewed or commercially-sourced, we’ve got a keg system or bottle to dispense and store your favorite frosty beverage.

Take the mystery out of setting up your first kegerator.

Wyeast Laboratories Q&A Videos

Question and answer videos about Wyeast Laboratories Inc. brand brewing yeast with microbiologist Greg Doss.

We discuss: Pitching rates, How to activate a Wyeast pack, Greg’s favorite yeast strains, and more.

Wine Making

A selection of wine making videos for both experienced wine makers and beer brewers looking to try something new.

Learn how to prepare a wine recipe kit, as well as, some of the basic equipment you’ll need.

Mead Making

Mead is a wine made from honey and is possibly mankind’s original fermented beverage.

This video features award winning meadmaker Curt Stock.

Making Hard Cider

Sparkling, still, sweet, dry, strong, or mild – make it how you like it!

Hard Cider is a seasonal favorite that is easy to brew with your existing beer fermentation equipment.