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March 809HS-PL Pump - 6 foot power cord and plug


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A high-quality, heat-resistant pump for wort or hot liquor transfer. This model is pre-wired with a six foot cord and a three-prong 110 V plug.

Magnetic drive of the impeller allows you to restrict the flow out of the pump, without affecting the motor.

Like other pumps of this style, it is not self-priming. For best results, position the pump below the level of your kettle and allow the pump head to fill with liquid before turning on the pump.


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  • March 809HS-PL Pump - 6 foot power cord and plug
Product Details

A high-quality, heat-resistant pump for wort or hot liquor transfer. This model is pre-wired with a six foot cord and a three-prong 110 V plug.

1/25 horsepower magnetic drive seal-less pump with a polysulfone head, rated for food grade use up to 250°F. It has a maximum flow rate of 6 gallons per minute, and a maximum head of 12.1 feet. The pump head has 1/2" MPT inlets and outlets. The motor housing is not drip-proof, so you should locate the pump in a dry location.

This pump is NOT self-priming, the pump head must be filled with liquid before it will pump properly. This means that you will have to position the pump below the level of the liquid for the input. Do not restrict flow into the pump, only on the output side.

We recommend some high-temperature 1/2" tubing in either Thermoplastic or Silicone for all connections to the pump and equipment.

Adding a to the output of the pump allows you to precisely control the flow of liquid from vessel to vessel or through a plate chiller. You can even stop the flow entirely using the valve, without turning off the pump and losing the prime!

A set of
Quick Disconnects on your equipment and tubing make the brew day even easier.

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I have not purchased a
I have not purchased a ball valve and quick connects yet. I have not used it yet.
March 17, 2016
Ok... but not the best
I bought one of these pumps and am not impressed. Tested flow with no head was 4 gallons per minute. The fact that the are not self-priming is no joke.... you literally have to have a ton of pressure on the inlet side to get the pump working well, and once the primary container is empty it will not push any liquid into the secondary container.. I would recommend many other pumps before I would recommend this one.
May 8, 2012
works great
Had it for about 6 months or more now. No problems what so ever. Just let gravity do it's thing and priming is not a problem.
September 3, 2011
Great Pump
I've had this pump for about 3 years now and still couldn't be happier with it. Yes, it is not self priming and with just a little looking on the forum you can get all of the plumbing advice you need to make it work flawlessly. It is excellant for moving around hot water or wort and running some hot water and pbw through after use will keep it clean.
August 16, 2011
Love this Pump!!
I bought this pump at NB with the Stainless fittings and ball valve and I couldn't be happier, I ran into issues the first time I brewed but quickly found out the right way to prime it properly!! I have brewed 8-9 brews with it now and now have it installed on by own brew stand and its one of the best things I have ever purchased for brewing. I have replaced all the vinyl hose with silicone and installed SS Cam lock quick disconnects and now I brew faster, cleaner, much safer (no lifting heavy hot liquid) and easier then ever. Easy to clean and sanitize by recirculating PBW, clean water and Star San for 10 minutes, so easy!! and you can put your other brewing equipment in the pot your recirculating in to save time cleaning or sanitizing as well. Would never brew without this pump ever again!!
July 23, 2011
good pump but
This pump is good , but it also could be a hassle sometimes, first you must makes sure the pump is primed by any means if there is no liquid there will be a horror of a sound. Secondly this pump is not self priming, meaning you have to use gravity, now I had a problem with the first pump i received, the head of the pump was leaking every where but it was replaced with ease.... I wish there was a on off button its annoying have to have to plug in the pump every time and sometimes people get caught of guard and that is something to add up on the list. Over all I am happy with the pump although my next investment will be for a self priming pump that has a stainless head this head is plastic so for a pump at this price for a little more money you could get a very nice pump
July 23, 2011
Look into the 815
I used the 809 for about 6 years, recently switched to the higher flow 815 and it made a big difference. If you have a lot of restriction in your system (heat exchanger coil for RIMS, etc.) or a need to pump up above 5-6' the 815 will perform better. Otherwise, the 809 works essentially the same.
May 13, 2011
Works great
I have only used it 2x so far but I am happy with the purchase. I am using it with a top tier and have no issues having it pump from ground level to the top tier ~7ft high. Frankly since I always overkill everything, I'd prefer more power however the pump works as advertised and I am happy with it.I did a lot of reading prior to buying the pump and here are the key pieces of info that helped me when setting it up and using it. (Also, I highly recommend filling your kettles with regular water and testing everything out prior to brew day so that you know how things work)- Its not self priming, so as others have mentioned, just make sure that the pump is below where you have your liquid, make sure to open the out valve to ensure that the input is full of liquid prior to starting it up- Add a ball valve to the output side so that you can throttle the flow- Most people sterilize it by turning it on during the last 10-15mins of the boil and having it recirculate back into the boil kettle. - Keep your tubing lengths as short as needed if possible- To clean it, I first just take a hose and squirt water in the input side and have it squirt all the wort left in it out the output side. I then have a kettle with water and PBW and have it recirculate back into the kettle for 10minutes. If you have a therminator/chiller, connect that to the output side or the pump and have it recirculate back into the kettle and you can clean both at once.
April 26, 2011
Works well
Well worth the money. I have not had any issues as far as priming and I do not use any method to prime other than gravity feed. I am going to guess that the folks having issues are having suction side tubing issues. This would only be a problem at high temperature due to the the tubing collapsing on itself. At low temps the tubing is rigid enough to withstand the negative pressure but becomes soft at higher temperaturesI use the 1/2" opaque thermoplastic tubing from NB with aluminum quick connects from McMaster. No issues at all. My pump is positioned about 8" below my kettle when chilling and I have no problem pushing the hot wort through a Shirron plate chiller into the fermenter.
February 21, 2011
Best home brew device
This pump is great I think every home brewer should have one. I brew all grain style with a mash ton and akeggel and as long as you have the pump below the fluid your on the money.
February 11, 2011
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