Black Bear Youth Hockey Foundation

Northern Brewer has teamed up with The Black Bear Youth Hockey Foundation to help bring hockey to every kid looking to pick up a stick. Sadly, the financial commitment to a hockey program can place this great game out of reach for many kids. With your help we can ensure that every kid has the opportunity to lace up, and hit the ice.

How We Help

For Children, we grow access to:

  • Active lifestyles that provide a competitive outlet in a team-based environment
  • Environments that facilitate development of life skills: teamwork, work ethic, sportsmanship, ethics, and nutrition
  • Coach-player mentor relationships
  • A child's sense of place and purpose as an athlete and a team member
  • Travel experiences that children will treasure for a lifetime (Nothing compares to those epic games of knee hockey in the hotel hallways!) 

For Families, we help foster: 

  • Quality family time through the shared youth hockey experience
  • Friendships that can last a lifetime

For Communities, we support:

  • Local pride, where our youth clubs and high schools proudly compete
  • Health and well-being of local ice rinks, community assets where we safely gather and recreate

For Hockey, we grow the greatest game in the world by:

  • Providing financial support to families in need
  • Sponsoring low-cost youth hockey initiation programs
  • Creating passionate, lifelong fans by allowing for early and consistent exposure to hockey

Based in Minnesota (the State of Hockey), Northern Brewer is thrilled to be able share our love of the game the same way we share our passion for home brewing and wine making.