12 oz. Bottle Guards

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Securely cradles, protects and immobilizes 12 oz bottles. Available in quantities of 1, 2, 4, 6 and 12 to fit any need or shipping container. Stackable. Biodegradable. Re-usable.

Somewhere between the steps of brew, share and enjoy, many a homebrewer has run up against this age-old challenge: What's the best way to safely transport your beloved brew from one place to another? Our answer: Bottle Guards. This brewer-designed transport solution is so much better than bubble wrap, old t-shirts or even (one of our favorites) diapers when it comes to keeping your precious cargo safe.

Whether you're carting a batch across town to share with a friend, swapping bottles with other beer hunters or shipping your latest contender across the country to compete for homebrew glory, Bottle Guards are your safest bet.

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12 oz. Bottle Guards

12 oz. Bottle Guards