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BeerBug™ Wifi Digital Hydrometer

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Monitor your fermentation from your couch, office, plane, anywhere!

The BeerBug keeps you in tune with the inner workings of your brew. Directly measuring density, temperature and reporting in real-time provide you key insights to track and understand your fermentation. Never wonder when your beer will be done, with the BeerBug you know.

Are you wondering if the BeerBug will work with your current setup?

The BeerBug works with any vessel to which you can add a traditional airlock and works great with all Big Mouth Bubbler® products. CO2 and krausen are rerouted through an airlock or blow-off adapter. Using the BeerBug means never opening your brew during fermentation again.

Connecting to your BeerBug is easy!

The BeerBug connects wirelessly to the cloud. Connect the BeerBug to WiFi just like your phone or tablet. As your brew ferments, periodically your BeerBug will send your data over WiFi. This allows you to view your data, in real time, anytime, anywhere.

We recommend pairing with the BeerBug Temperature Probe (not included) for the most accurate data.

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BeerBug™ Wifi Digital Hydrometer

BeerBug™ Wifi Digital Hydrometer