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AmesFarm Beeswax - 1 lb

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Made from nothing but Minnesota sunshine, flowers, rain and a little bit of hard work from the bees at Amesfarm, this 100% pure beeswax is free from fillers, synthetics, debris, petroleum and foreign fragrances.

Clean, natural beeswax is perfect for aging artisanal handcrafted cheese, preferred by many cheesemongers as an alternative to paraffin-based wax. Pure beeswax is imbued with a hint of honey scent and has been trusted for centuries to protect cheese during the aging process.

One pound of beeswax is sufficient for waxing approximately 12-20 cheese when brushed on; ensure you are using a natural boar bristle brush; synthetic brush bristles will melt with the temperature of the wax.

Note: Beeswax, like most waxes, can become brittle in cooler conditions--paraffin-based waxes have an extra ingredient added to prevent brittleness, and some cheesemongers prefer to add coconut oil, vegetable shortening or mineral oil to the melted wax for increased pliability.

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AmesFarm Beeswax - 1 lb

AmesFarm Beeswax - 1 lb