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Bench Capper with Stainless Steel Bottles

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No brewmaster collection is complete without a bottling kit for preserving your brew-tastic creations. The Super Agata Bench Capper and Stainless Steel Bottles bundle is top-of-the-line in durability and functionality. Simply place the bottle under the spring-mounted capper, put on a standard crown cap, and pull the lever. Just like that, your homebrewed beer is capped and ready for your next adventure.

Unlike their glass counterpart, these stainless steel bottles hold their temperature very well and won react negatively to rapid chilling techniques. Better yet, the rough-and-tumble design makes them ideal for a weekend hike, a day on the river, or any rugged activity you can responsibly pair with cold brew. The pinnacle of form and function, now your beer never has to come into contact with anything but the sweet embrace of stainless steel, and youe got a capper and bottles that will stand the test of time.

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Bench Capper with Stainless Steel Bottles

Bench Capper with Stainless Steel Bottles