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Blichmann Temperature and Power Controller 120v

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No other RIMS system on the market competes with the quality, accuracy, and ease of use than the Blichmann Tower of Power™ Temperature and Power Controller. This control module is the ultimate addition for the brewer that demands full and precise control of the Blichmann 120v Boilermaker. This 120v version is compatible with all 120v BoilCoil™ and 120v Boilermakers but can be used as a stand-alone unit, as well. 

The Temperature and Power Controller is great for heating and maintaining a consistent temperature in your hot liquor tank or for precisely controlling the temperature and power allowance to your electric brewing kettle. This module will hold your set temperature to within +/- .5°F, perfect for the brewmaster looking for the highest level of accuracy and repeatability. 

Fast and automatic ramp times, paired with easy maintenance and precision control free up time and prevent inconsistency during your brew day. For added oversight and analysis, purchase the optional communication cable and install the free Blichmann TOP-Link software to easily program mash profiles and monitor and log data on your PC. You won't find control like this anywhere else but a professional brewery.

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Blichmann Temperature and Power Controller 120v

Blichmann Temperature and Power Controller 120v