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Blichmann ThruMometer™ Thermometer - 1/2" Tube

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Product details

In-line thermometer for measuring the temperature of your wort outflow from a counterflow chiller.

The Thrumometer allows you to adjust the wort and / or water flow rates in your counterflow heat exchanger to dial in the exact wort temperature your specific yeast culture requires, with no more guesswork!

The interior of this thermometer is mirror smooth, providing no places for bacteria to hide.

This thermometer responds very quickly (1°F per second), has 1°F precision, and 0.5°F accuracy. It never needs calibrating. If you use a highly-efficient counterflow wort chiller, the Thrumometer will help you avoid over-chilling your wort, and will save water.

This instrument is made from a heat-treated highly corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy that will last a lifetime!

Note: Requires 1/2" ID tubing. Should not be used with liquids exceeding 140°F.

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Blichmann ThruMometer™ Thermometer - 1/2

Blichmann ThruMometer™ Thermometer - 1/2" Tube