Briess Organic Carapils Malt

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1.5° L. Dextrin malt from organically-grown barley adds foam stability, body, and palate fullness.
1.5° L. Trademarked dextrin malt made from organically grown 2-row barley, certified by Oregon Tilth. 1-5% adds foam stability, body, and palate fullness to beer and significantly enhances head retention. Although it appears darker than pale malt, it has a clear, glassy endosperm and does not contribute significantly to beer color or flavor.

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SKU C020I, W020I, G020K
Extract Percentage 73
Lovibond 1.5
Moisture Percentage 6.5
Grain Usage 5
Grain Type Caramel / Crystal / Cara Malt

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Briess Organic Carapils Malt

Briess Organic Carapils Malt