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Bru Success®: Complete Fermentation Kit

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There are two things you can do to ensure a successful fermentation: control the temperature and pitch the right amount of healthy yeast. But where do you begin? Look no further than the Bru Success® Complete Fermentation Package. We've put together a complete upgrade kit to take your next batch from so-so to success!

At the heart of this kit is the ThermoStar® Digital Temperature Controller and the Fermotemp Electric Fermentation Heater. Together, they will keep your fermentation at the exact temperature you set, even in the darkest of winter. If you'd rather keep things cool, switch the ThermoStar® to cooling mode and move everything to your fermentation fridge to beat the summer heat or make the perfect lager.

But to make things even easier, we've included a Siphonless Big Mouth Bubbler® 6.5 gallon fermenter, Dual Port Lid, and the 12" temperature probe for the ThermoStar®. Now you can measure the actual temperature of your beer throughout the primary fermentation. Then, when done, simply open the valve to transfer to secondary.

Finally, we've added two of our customer favorites, the Fast Pitch® Yeast Starter Kit and the Oxygenation Kit 2.0, for just those types of brews. Fast Pitch® makes it easy to whip up a big 2000ml starter. Then when it's time to pitch, oxygenate your wort so the yeast can really get a head start.

Kit Includes:
  • ThermoStar® Digital Temperature Controller
  • Fermotemp Electric Fermentation Heater
  • ThermoStar 12" Stainless Steel Probe
  • 6.5 Gallon Siphonless Big Mouth Bubbler® Plastic (x1)
  • Big Mouth Bubbler® Universal Dual Port Lid
  • Big Mouth Bubbler® Carry Harness
  • Fast Pitch® 2000 ml Yeast Starter set
  • Oxygenation Kit 2.0
  • Small Universal Carboy Bung (x2)
  • Three Piece Airlock
  • 3 ft of 5/16" transfer tubing
*Only one Big Mouth Bubbler® Included in Kit

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Bru Success®: Complete Fermentation Kit

Bru Success®: Complete Fermentation Kit

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