Bru Success®: Yeast Pitching Kit

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Sometimes a yeast starter just isn't enough. High-gravity, big beers present a challenge for even the most robust yeast strains. But combining a yeast starter with a shot of pure oxygen will help ensure a successful ferment every time. Introducing the Bru Success® Yeast Health Kit.

We've combined two of our customer favorites, the Fast Pitch® Yeast Starter Kit and the Oxygenation Kit 2.0, for just those types of brews.

Fast Pitch® makes it easy to whip up a big 2000ml starter. Then when it's time to pitch, oxygenate your wort so the yeast can really get a head start.

Kit includes:
  • Fast Pitch® 2000 ml Yeast Starter set
  • Oxygenation Kit 2.0

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Bru Success®: Yeast Pitching Kit

Bru Success®: Yeast Pitching Kit