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Captain Crush® Grain Mill

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Ditch the knurled rollers! Mills that shred your grain to bits are old news. Our cutting-edge slotted rollers keep husks intact while crushing kernels for the perfect grist, every time. And you'll benefit from the superior crush until the end of time too since slotted rollers never wear down.

Crush your cleanup--this non-corrosive grain mill can be hosed down and left to air dry. Plus, you'll ensure you've got sparkling clean equipment next time you're ready to use it. Wet mill at home for the first time ever, for no dust and no rust!

Mill uninterrupted, thanks to the huge hopper. Big enough for up to 11 lbs. of grain, you don't have to stop your drill 10 times just to fill the hopper up. Dump it in, run it through and get straight to brewing!

Captain Crush® Grain Mill Manual (PDF -- 1.12MB)

Make the most of your all grain brewing system with the perfect crush. Captain Crush® allows even more control over your recipes. Maximize extraction and efficiency for your specific brewery equipment.

As with all mills, use a corded electric drill for best results. While smaller drills may work, a strong electric drill (1/2" or 5/8") with a variable speed control will be able to start slow and provide the 175-200 rpm that is ideal for getting the perfect crush. Too fast and the grain will be pulverized or not pulled into the rollers at all.


  • 100% non-corrosive materials enable wet milling
  • Slotted rollers keep husks intact for better lautering performance
  • Dual-gap adjustments
  • Minimal assembly
  • Semi-transparent body so you can watch the mill work
  • Groove on underside secures mill atop any standard brewing bucket.
  • Drive shaft compatible with any 3/8" or larger electric drill.

Brewer's Note: Food-service grade silicone spray works wonders for ensuring smooth, consistent operation of Captain Crush®. It is safe, odor-free and keeps your rollers turning no matter how much grain you crush.

Hopper: 14 high, 11 lb capacity
Base: 14 x 14
Mill: 3.5 x 3.5 x 7
Assembled Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 17.5
Rollers: 40mm OD
Gaps: Adjustable from .025 to .090

Hopper and Base: Smoked Cast Acrylic
Rollers: Stainless Steel
Knobs: Stainless Steel
End Plates: Aluminum
Bushings: SAE 841 Oil-impregnated Sintered Bronze

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Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
So frustrating

I have owned this for a couple years now, and always have wanted to give this the benefit of the doubt since I paid SO much money for it, but it honestly just doesn't work. At first, for many of my brews I thought all the bad reviews were not valid as mine too would tear through the grain as advertised, but then it started. Little by little the crush would stop and the mandrel would free-spin. It was simple to just back track a little bit to get more traction and start again. At first, not a problem as is only happened occasionally. It happens 90% of the time now. A 12 lbs beer takes me 40 minutes to crush, and I don't think I can continue to struggle with this machine anymore. I usually give my old equipment away when I upgrade, but I can't in good conscience inflict this torture on anyone else (especially a new brewer). This is going in the trash can.

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no good!!

it gets stuck everytime i use it!!

Captain crush

The new design is better than the old one, I've ran over 50# through this grain mill with little issues. Once in a while if I stop half way through milling, I'll have to back the rolls up a little to start again. But overall it does a great job.

Do not buy this mill!

I have built my home brewery based on buying the name brand and often more expensive items. This mill was a mistake. All of my other top dollar items work great, like they should. This mill is the worst part of my brew day. Often I'll fight for 45-60 minutes to get through 20lb of grain. It will feed fine then start spinning freely. I have to rotate backwards to get it to catch and then continue. I get 5-10 seconds before it spins freely again. Unfortunately I've been too stubborn to admit that the $200 I spent was completely wasted.

I cannot believe you are still selling this mill

Please read the reviews....9 out of 10 are:" IT DOESN'T WORK".

Now the question is, " What (had to delete some descriptive adjectives here...) do I do with it?"

I have it all boxed up to send back to you (with a scathing letter) but do not want to invest another $40 or so (shipping charges) in the thing.

I gave it to another brewer (with caution), but since it won't function consistently, he gave it back!

I guess my last and best option is to set it out with the trash.

Shame on you guys. It doesn't even deserve the one star rating I had to give it to submit this review.


Flatfender Brewing
Houston, Texas

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Captain Crush® Grain Mill

Captain Crush® Grain Mill