Crooked Apple® Fuzz Cut Peach Cider

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What do you get when you combine crisp, refreshing apple with sweet fuzzy peach? A mouthwatering pairing like sunshine in a bottle. Juicy, ripe peach up front with dry green apple at the finish. Easy drinking, Fuzz Cut is a perfectly sessionable combination of dripping Georgia fruit, crunchy fresh apple and just enough effervescence to make it go down smooth.

Kit Includes:
  • Apple Juice Concentrate (1.4L/0.37 US Gallons)
  • Peach Extract
  • Cote des Blanc Dry Yeast
  • Fizz Drops
  • Kieselsol & Chitosan Packs
  • Sweetener Pack
  • Complete Instructions
Alcohol Content Medium
ABV 6%
Time to Make 4 Weeks
Yield 1 Gallon (Approx. 10 Bottles)
Gluten Free! Specific Value <4 ppm

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Crooked Apple® Fuzz Cut Peach Cider

Crooked Apple® Fuzz Cut Peach Cider