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De Belge Farmhouse IPA BIAB All Grain Beer Recipe Kit

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Back before the world caught on to the brilliance of Wallonian saison, brewers were won't to over-hop as their hearts dictated. Here we attempt to capture their joie de houblon, and bring full circle the versatility of "old" hop varieties. De Belge Farmhouse IPA beer kit is unlike any Belgian ale you've had before - aggressively bitter, roundly Belgian, brilliantly aromatic.

Reminiscent of Orval (pick up some Brett. B to add that special character) before they scrubbed the calcium deposits off the coppers. Built on a base of Belgian pils with a small percentage of torrefied wheat to fill out the body and add a suggestion of creaminess, then hopped to high levels with European gems (Brewer Gold and Hallertau, anyone?) and rippling with rich yeast fruitiness. 

All kits yield 3 gallons and include blended grain malts, hops, and complete instructions. All-grain kits use malted grain as the base for the finished beer; in addition to familiarity with basic brewing techniques and the equipment for fermenting, siphoning, and bottling, you will also need equipment for brew-in-a-bag all-grain brewing.

Additional information

SKU 0874, 0873
Beer Color Light
Original Gravity


Total Time to Make 6 weeks
Regional Style Belgian
Alcohol Content Medium
Yield 3 Gallons
Beer Style IPA
Fermentation Type Ale
Beer Recipe Kit Instructions Click here for recipe kit instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Good brew - easy and tasty.

This was my first BIAB coming from several extract recipes, so I followed the instructions to a "T". The water suggested is a bit too much. I ended up having to boil off a gallon or so before I could start the hops, so I thought it might have screwed the batch up. Nope. It's forgiving.
Strangely though, the expected OG listed in the instructions is low (1.060) compared to what I got - 1.077!. I now have done a few more 5 gallon BIAB recipes on my own, using BeerSmith software (which I recommend). When I put the recipe in the software, it has the OG at 1.074 and uses 4.5 gallons water (instead of 5.5 as stated in the instructions).
I fermented at 68 degrees for 6 days, cold crashed 3 days, bottled it and left it for 3-4 weeks at room temp before chilling. So I ended up with a differently delicious style of beer at 7.9% ABV. Of note: My 8 gallon Megapot 2.0 from here is a great size for this and it's easy to maintain mash temp.

Forgiving Recipe!

Brewed this kit yesterday, my second BIAB beer. Despite overshooting my mash temp (by allot) and not doing a proper mash out, both my pre-boil and original gravity's were spot on. Fermentation using the T58 yeast started in less than six hours post pitch. I credit the high quality malts in this kit for allowing me to fumble towards what I hope will be an outstanding brew!


Not as hoppy as the description might have you thinking; is not an American IPA, but it's definitely highlighting the hops. I've brewed this a couple times now, and used T-58 and S-33. Both turned out great, OG was >1.070 both times. The beer is very drinkable, and while it highlights the hops, it's not all about the hops; you still get those Belgian flavors. This would be a great kit to experiment with fermentation temperature control. You could end up with a totally different beer depending on what temp you use.

Terrific Surprise

I went for this bc the Saison yeast can get up to 80 degrees and be OK--so an easy, no worries summer fermentation. Mine got up to 77 and was 74-76 on average. As for first all grain brew with this kit: I hit target OG 1.060 (awesome) and it fermented to under 1.010 in 1 week. I gave it a long wait after that anyway. I didn't know to worry about starch conversion, (lack of starch conversion) and then I thought I ruined the beer because fermentation and secondary was the cloudiest beer I'd ever made. Now it is on draft and very clear, a fine beer that is really surprising. It really is like a tripel --I was prepared for something only a horse would drink. My mash temp dipped a few degrees below target when I left it for 45 minutes (I should have added heat after 30 minutes) but again, no problem. The slightly lower mash temp (I know now) likely made this especially fermentable=> a low final gravity (higher than expected abv) This was my first all grain; I think BIAB is a smart way to get a feel and understanding for what you want to happen in mash and lauter. I used only the bag, but I did a kind of sparge when I heated to 170. I lifted the whole heavy, wet bag out, pressed it with big spoon, and did it again and again (thinking...careful if it breaks you're screwed) like with a teabag. With aluminum jug I grabbed wort from the (10 gallon) pot that I brewed it in (whilst holding the heavy bag) and dumped/rinsed it over the bag. Not very efficient, but I think it helped: with my 2nd BIAB I skipped this step and missed the OG by a lot. Wheat beers and Saison were the only names in beer that I could say I did not prefer. This one, with Wyeast's french saison yeast (and a starter, and oxygenated wort) changed my mind. Nothing but 5 *****

Solid beer!

Really not difficult at all to brew. Made a few mistakes here and there but the beer was forgiving. Great jump into AG brewing. Cannot go wrong with any NB product and customer service is amazing

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De Belge Farmhouse IPA BIAB All Grain Beer Recipe Kit

De Belge Farmhouse IPA BIAB All Grain Beer Recipe Kit

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