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Deluxe Party Ready Upgrade Kit

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Includes 2 deluxe palla growlers and 4 snifter glasses.

Youe made your beer. Now comes the best part: sharing! Impress your friends with your skill and presentation.

Youe made your beer, and the time has come to bottle. Sure, you could use some normal brown glass bottles like everyone else. They work well, they look decent, and theye easy to get. Wait a few weeks, pop a bottle, pour it into a standard shaker pint. It all very pedestrian, and just fine for "most of the time." 

It be way better to dress it up - package your batch in some beautiful Italian palla ("ball") growlers, adorned with our share-friendly "Brew for All" slogan. The heavy duty swing-top closure, the integrated glass handle, the gentle curves - the finer points are where the money made, to coin a phrase. Perfectly sized to hold a small batch of beer, designed for bringing a deluxe party to your beer-loving public - what not to like? 

I sorry, but if you thought that was the end of the deluxe party ready upgrade kit, youe got another thing coming. Well, four other things coming -  our Belgian snifter glasses aren just for Belgian ales, theyl support and deliver the finest aromatics and freshest flavor from any beer to your senses. Again, the supple curve of the glass, the elegance of the stem, the matching "Brew for All" design  - perfect.

To use: 6 NB Fizz Drops per palla growler will get the job done.

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Deluxe Party Ready Upgrade Kit

Deluxe Party Ready Upgrade Kit