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Draft Brewer® Taproom Maintenance Toolkit

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Until kegs start maintaining themselves, the Draft Brewer® Toolkit is here to help. Introducing the first-ever all-in-one tool set designed for repairing and maintaining homebrew kegs and draft systems. Keep your taproom fully operational and eliminate surprise leaks or clogs in your kegerator or keezer.

Adjust or replace draft lines with the hex nut driver to tighten worm gear clamps. The dedicated 9/16 wrench secures MFL swivel nuts on anything from disconnects to your dual-gauge Governor® CO2 regulator.

The ear clamp crimper can install Oetiker ear clamps in an instant, and faucet wrenches do your dirty work from removing a faucet from a shank or disconnecting a shank from the beverage tubing. The handy double-ended ratcheting wrench makes replacing ball lock keg posts a breeze.

You can unclog keg posts, replace poppets, and keep every single piece of your system working like new. Plus, the handy carrying case keeps all your tools wrapped up together so when youe got a keg system repair to do, all your tools are there!

Geek out and get outfitted with the ultimate tool kit for any kegging junkie.

Draft Brewer® Taproom Toolkit Includes:

  • ¼ Hex Nut Driver
  • 9/16 Box Wrench
  • Ear Clamp Crimper
  • Combination Faucet and Hex Nut Wrench
  • Combination 11/16 - ? Ratcheting Wrench
  • Heavy Duty Carrying Case

Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm. 

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Draft Brewer® Taproom Maintenance Toolkit

Draft Brewer® Taproom Maintenance Toolkit