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Goose Island Sweet Porter Brewery Edition Extract Beer Recipe Kit

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Our brewmasters partnered with Goose Island Research and Development brewer Tim Faith to craft a homebrewing recipe that perfectly captures the complex flavors and character of the Goose Island original.

The result of that collaboration is an unbelievably memorable brew that evokes the creamy essence of the eggnog cocktail that inspired it, along with notes of milk chocolate, nutmeg and a big, toasty malt backbone. It also conveys the complex flavors of barrel aging that have become a Goose Island trademark, without the barrel aging.

This unforgettable Porter actually has its roots in a Goose Island brewing throwdown. Every year, Goose Island employees from throughout the company get the chance to dream up and brew up experimental beers alongside Goose brewers. Out of several entries, only four winning recipe are selected to be brewed and offered in limited release as part of the brewery's Fulton & Wood series.

As part of their research, the Fulton & Wood team went to Miller's pub during Christmas time to try their famed Tom & Gerry Cocktail. When they sat in their booth sipping on the infamous and high-octane Tom & Gerry, the team knew the flavors of eggnog, rum and bourbon needed to find a home in a holiday beer. A Real Nice Surprise started its life as a rich porter brewed with chocolate malts that was then aged in a combination of rum, bourbon, and brandy barrels for two months resulting in a smooth, creamy beer that was an instant favorite.

The brewing team continued to perfect the profile, adding warm and spicy notes, along with a toasted, creamy character. The result is a Porter that has become a favorite among Goose Island employees.

Brew plenty, because this is one beer that tends to acquire a following, and you'll want to savor it as long as you can.

Brew Day at Goose Island


Amazing, right? With the Brew. Share. Enjoy.® Brewery Edition Kits, your brew day won't be anywhere near this complex. But, after exhaustive testing and tasting, we can tell you the results are spot on. Our kit is the next best thing to an all-access brew day at Goose Island itself, because we've worked hand-in-hand with Brewmaster Tim Faith to get it just right.

The Sweet Porter recipe and brewing process has been perfectly scaled for homebrewing, so you'll be able to tap into nearly 30 years of Goose Island brewing innovation behind each kit.

Due to the high starting gravity of this kit, we recommend pitching multiple packs of yeast or preparing a yeast starter for best results. Click here for more info.

The Good Stuff

Brewing Notes:
  • Style: Porter
  • Fermentation Range: 65F - 69F
  • OG: 1.079
  • SRM: 31
  • IBUs: 22
  • ABV: 6.6%
Tasting notes:
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Approachable Roast
  • Smooth Body
  • Complex Creaminess
  • Malted Milk Balls

Dark chocolate porter with creamy tan-colored head. There is an aroma of milk chocolate and approachable roast. The flavor is amplified by a noticeable mouth coating smoothness and a lingering wood-like aftertaste. Chocolate, roasted malt, oats and a lactose backbone further encourage a uniquely inspired porter that sips oh-so-smoothly. Think Malted Milk Balls with a crisp, delicious finish.

Additional information



Beer Color Dark
Original Gravity


Total Time to Make 8 weeks
Regional Style USA
Alcohol Content Medium
Yield 5 Gallons
Beer Style Stout/Porter
Fermentation Type Ale
Beer Recipe Kit Instructions Click here for recipe kit instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
My 1st brewing experience

I received this kit as a Christmas present from my wife last year. She knows I like beer (New Hampshire is flush with GREAT breweries) and she figured I needed a new hobby. Not having brewed before, I was a little intimidated, so it wasn't until April I brewed the batch. Not having any other equipment aside from that in the starter kit, I have no idea what the OG was. I simply followed the directions and 8 weeks later I debuted it at a gathering to celebrate my son being commissioned as an Army 2nd Lieutenant. I was surprised by its sweetness, but it was a big hit. Now, 8 months after brewing it, I cracked one of the bottles I reserved, and I have to say it is delicious. Goes great with a cigar


Good porter. Took almost one month in bottles to achieve peak carbonation. Don’t rush this step.


Great color, beautiful head, smooth taste excellent winter brew. Friends have all commented favorably after trying some.

Beer, buds, and our brews

This was my first attempt at home brewing, my lovely wife bought me the beginners package that contained this sweet porter. We are both fans of ports, stouts, and brown ales. The process was easy and a lot of fun. I had a buddy help me on brewing day and took your brewers cue from the video and had beer while making beer. I’m now a fan and looking forward to the next box we brew as it’s as much about making quality beer you can have pride in as just having a great time with friends or even alone. Background out, the beer wasn’t quite my favorite. The first few sips gave an... acquired taste. However once on the pallet one could easily see why this beer is called sweet porter. Unfortunately it’s just not my jam, but my buddy loved his and I’ve been getting great reviews from family, friends, and co-workers. Thanks for helping me find a great hobby! P.s. any wives/girlfriends out there looking for a great gift to beer fan significant others, this is a great gift!

Yep, Sweet Porter

I chose this kit because I am a big fan of Left Hand's milk stout, so have been wanting to brew something using lactose. Having read other reviews I was a little concerned about the result being too sweet for me, so I held back a couple ounces of the lactose: used 13 oz instead of the 16 prescribed. The beer came out well w/ lots of body, creamy head and mouth-feel, all the flavors and notes that were advertised, and still very sweet -- sweeter than I like it, turns out--but that's a matter of individual taste.

The kit and recipe were complete and straightforward. Reviewer comments about lively early fermentation (double yeast!) and long bottle conditioning were spot on. Tried my first after 5 weeks in the bottle, and they've been better with each week: at 8 weeks now. Cheers!

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Goose Island Sweet Porter Brewery Edition Extract Beer Recipe Kit

Goose Island Sweet Porter Brewery Edition Extract Beer Recipe Kit

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