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How to Brew All Grain DVD

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Brad Smith from BeerSmith and John Palmer, the author of "How to Brew" have teamed up to produce an amazing DVD to show you the ropes of all-grain brewing.

Want to make the leap from extract to All-Grain brewing? Would you rather watch it done than read a book? How to Brew All-Grain teaches you how to brew with malted grains, and covers everything from selecting your equipment to brewing, bottling, and kegging. It covers mashing grains in detail, including traditional and "brew-in-a-bag" techniques.

Featuring John Palmer and Brad Smith "¬ two of the best known authors in the brewing community, this video is cinematically filmed with hundreds of detailed shots showing every step in the process. (90 minutes, Widescreen)

Topics Covered:
  • Selecting the right equipment and ingredients for all grain brewing
  • Conventional mashing and lautering as well as "Brew in a bag" techniques
  • Preparing grains, sanitation, brewing, fermenting, bottling and kegging your beer
  • Judging and improving all grain beer
  • Bonus footage on water, yeast starters, and designing beer recipes

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How to Brew All Grain DVD

How to Brew All Grain DVD