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Irish Red Ale Extract Kit w/ Omega HotHead® Ale

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Product details

Irish Red is an immensely drinkable rich copper ale that does not require a long aging process, making it a top-seller for many years. This malt forward classic Irish Red pairs well with the neutral, clean fermentation over an absurdly wide temperature range HotHead® provides.

The Beer Kit

Irish ales are malty, smooth, medium-bodied, and most, like our kit, are a deep copper-red color that is created by a blend of specialty malts. Our malt blend also gives this recipe its signature toasty and sweet aroma and flavor.

Another defining characteristic of Irish Red Ales is their immense drinkability, definitely a crowd-pleasing beer.

Its great taste, drinkability, and low aging requirements make this our best-selling kit.

The Yeast Pairing

Hothead® is an ale strain of Norwegian origin that has an astoundingly wide temperature range (62F-98F) with little difference in flavor profile across the whole range. Temperature control is unnecessary with this strain. It has a unique fruitiness that makes it complementary to modern hop varieties. This just may be the perfect yeast for warmer climates or those hot summer months. Hothead® is a proprietary strain that you will not find anywhere else.

Omega Yeast is made up of a handful of microbiologists, homebrewers, professional brew staff and craft beer fans who have made it their purpose to make brewing easier and better for everyone. Omega has built their reputation using unique propagation methods to produce metabolically strong yeast cells, with consistent fermentation and optimized cell counts. Omega Yeast is craft yeast for craft brews!

Additional information



Beer Color Amber
Original Gravity


Total Time to Make 6 weeks
Regional Style British
Alcohol Content Low
Yield 5 Gallons
Beer Style Irish and Scottish Ales
Fermentation Type Ale
Beer Recipe Kit Instructions Click here for recipe kit instructions

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Irish Red Ale Extract Kit w/ Omega HotHead® Ale

Irish Red Ale Extract Kit w/ Omega HotHead® Ale