Jacked Up Cold Brew Essentials with Nitro Keg System

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The Jacked Up Cold Brew Essentials kit includes all the equipment you need to make cold brew coffee quickly and easily. The Little Big Mouth Bubbler® and reusable fine mesh straining bag (included) will guarantee batch after batch of delicious cold brew coffee.

When it comes time to serve your brew, the Jacked Up Nitro Kegging system will dispense the perfect pour. Easy to fill and easy to clean, the Cannonball® Mini keg is compact enough for any fridge. A precision nitrogen regulator and stainless steel stout faucet produce the signature cascade of nitrogen bubbles for a rich and creamy coffee experience.

Jacked Up Cold Brew Essentials Complete Instructions Kit Includes:
  • Cannonball® Mini Keg
  • Stainless Steel Nitro Snap Tap Faucet
  • Mini Nitrogen Regulator and 18g Nitrogen Cartridge
  • Little Big Mouth Bubbler®
  • Fine Mesh Steeping bag
  • Peace Coffee Yeti Blend
  • Complete Instructions
Essentially Coffee: Peace Coffee Yeti Blend
This blend is formulated for adventures: caramel and dark chocolate notes play pleasingly between sweet and rich. Crafted as a recipe for the perfect cup of cold press coffee, it also delicious however you brew it.

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$20 a gallon!

The little gas cylinder is good for about a gallon of coffee at 25 psi. It takes 2 cylinders to push a full keg. I thought I had a leak, so I submerged the entire system and it proved to be sealed, that is just how much it used.

Bad regulator

Everything in this kit is great except the regulator. Worked perfectly the first time but when I hooked it up the second time it will not adjust...

If you would like to give us a contact we can do some troubleshooting and if need be get you a replacement.
Good deal on keg and tap, poor design

I love cold brew coffee and felt this would be a great way to venture into having a nitro set up in my keezer. I used a 20% off coupon and got this item for $180 total including shipping. The keg itself is $100 and so is the tap, when you throw in the carboy and accessories it's a great deal. The problem is the mini regulator and disposable cartridge set up doesn't work. The max psi I could get to was about 18psi. At that pressure I could never achieve the "cascade" effect you are looking for with nitro. I bought a full size bottle and regulator that I run at 25 psi and it works perfectly. Also, even if this system did work well, the replacement cartridges are $20 and you can get one use out of them. So to use this on a regular basis with the mini regulator would be outrageously expensive!

Worth it!

First of all, I have to say that NB customer service is amazing. I had trouble sealing my keg at the onset, and lost a huge volume of precious NO2 in the process. They gave me a detailed write-up on how to fix the sealing problem, and have had no problems since. They also sent me a new NO2 cartridge with no fight to put up, so they earned my business.

As for the system, what can I say: For the price, it can't be beat. Individually, the components clearly add up to well over the price you pay, and I got it over the holidays with further discount and free shipping, so I am definitely a happy camper.

The coffee: It's good. Nothing hugely special, but definitely a proper coffee for cold brew. Steeped it for 24 hours, had minimal sediment in the keg (probably because I ground it too fine, my fault). The nylon bag does a great job of straining, and has many uses! The big mouth bubbler was also a great add to the kit, and I am definitely sold on the concept having come from the arduous task of cleaning thin-necked carboys for years.

The stout faucet is amazing! Great piece, and glad it is all stainless! The regulator, obviously it has it's hold-ups--only pressurizes to ~25psi at best, but it is plenty of pressure to put a decent head of crema on your pour. The biggest holdup is the NO2 cartridge-- it leaves no room for error (after wrestling with sealant issues, I only got ~3 pours before pressure dropped.) With the latest cartridge, I have dispensed the remainder of my keg and got through another keg with the replacement cartridge, when the pressure began to wane (but still poured fine and produced cascade/head.) Hopefully in the near future, these cartridges will become more sustainable.

As for me, I've decided I love the convenience so much that going forward, I will just get a full regulator and use this setup for when I want to take it on the go and share. It certainly is a great system, and with all you get in the package I can't let the couple ...

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Jacked Up Cold Brew Essentials with Nitro Keg System

Jacked Up Cold Brew Essentials with Nitro Keg System