Jacked-Up Nitro Fully-Loaded Cold Brew Starter Kit

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Introducing the first complete small batch nitro cold brew system in the world. Jacked-Up includes everything you need to brew deep, flavorful coffee and share & enjoy it on tap with cutting-edge, creamy nitro.

Cold-brewed coffee brings out completely different flavors from each roast and bean. Serving it on nitro transforms every aspect in the sensory experience of drinking it. Cold press on nitro looks cooler, smells deeper, tastes smoother and feels creamier.

Enjoy the most cutting-edge coffee drinking experience in the world"¬?in the convenience of your own home"¬?with the Jacked Up Nitro Fully-Loaded Cold Brew Starter Kit.

Kit Includes:
  • Cannonball® 1.75 Gallon Mini-Keg
  • Nitro Snap Tap
  • Nitrogen Cartridge & Regulator
  • Little Big Mouth Bubbler®
  • Mini Auto-Siphon & Tubing
  • Fine Mesh Straining Bag
  • Peace Coffee Yeti Cold Press Blend, Lactose and Sugar
  • Complete Instructions

Enjoy cold brew in the convenience of your own home. Hop out of bed in the morning pour yourself a glass over ice and you"e out the door! No stopping at a coffee shop, waiting in line and rushing to work. Keep your mornings relaxed while you get energized with Jacked-Up Cold Brew! When you serve cold press on nitro, it not only tastes better, it extends the shelf life of your cold brew to at least two weeks, and sometimes up to a month! The Nitro Snap Tap is easy to use for sharing-friendly serving, and the Cannonball® is ultra-portable, so you can serve cutting-edge cold brew in your kitchen, the office, or even on a picnic! Brew your own cold press or use your favorite concentrate, store it in your fridge and keep the caffeine comin"

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Customer Reviews

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You get what you pay for.

The quality is sub par. The regulator that came with it was not functioning. It was replaced with no hassle but still the original quality was poor. Now the part that connects the regulator to the keg is leaking after only 2 uses. Also, the nitrogen is $20 per tank andthst lasts one batch. There are no other sources that sell the nitro inthat size. My recommendation is to spend a little more and buy a full size set up.

A good idea in theory- wail for version 2.0

A few weeks ago, after receiving the kit, I wrote how the quality appeared to a level of expectation and how if there were problems, that NB's awesome customer service would fix any I could possibly encounter, (they always have.) I had not set it up/used it at that time. Since then I brewed the coffee with no problem, it has the typical earthy, bean driven cold brew taste. The stout faucet (that I had tried to buy separate for months but that was not available outside of the kit) would leak at first but after taking it apart and finding a metal shaving in the threading, probably from its machine production, it worked fine. Since the cold brew was a flop, Ive moved the faucet to my keezer for my stouts. The keg is fine as well, I'll have other uses for it. The nitro regulator and the nitro canister are the problem. A great idea in theory, maybe if the kit came with 2 or 3 canisters it'd be cool, but as it is its a flop, (again, for the cold brew use- the reason people buy the kit, its a flop.) I read that one nitrogen canister would push at least one batch of coffee through the keg, I got 3 glasses. Id push it through with CO2 as I had before I bought this kit, but I learned that when the CO2 gets in the coffee solution, the caffeine (being alkaline) is neutralized by the acidic CO2, making your "jacked up" experience, just an experience of a strange tasting carbonated liquid. So, I basically spent $250 on a stout faucet because I didn't need any of the other equipment. So, 2 stars (2.5 isn't an option) for at least having quality equipment, but until NB has Jacked up nitro starter kit version 2.0 and they have identified a solution to the weak nitrogen infusion aspect, don't buy the kit and just get a toddy coffee basket and a nice burr grinder for the same price.

Nitro hmph

The coffee brewed very well, the expectation that the nitro canister would be sufficient to keep the coffee pressurized for a week to 10days was not met. The pressure tank was exhausted in minutes. Attempts to get replacements proved futile. We built a new attachment and used compressed air to get the coffee out to make our guests experience the cold brew and the dispenser keg, but as a value for its cost, I'm not certain the whole kit is well planned out.

A rare miss for NB

I have tried this system with a cream ale and an IPA and I just cannot get the nitrogen incorporated with the beer. I am naturally carbonating and then trying to push with the nitrogen however it just doesn't get mixed in. I am still experimenting with different pressures but I don't hold out much hope. If you are interested in nitrogenating beer I recommend just going with beer gas (C02/N).

Our support staff would be happy to advise on the best use and see if we can help improve your pour! Cheers!
Don't do it!

My cold brew from a 1/2 gallon Mason jar out of the fridge is as good,or better. I drink it almost every day during the summer. I saw this when the kit was out of stock for some time back late in the summer and liked the idea. It seemed like a great deal with a $20 off coupon a couple weeks ago so I pulled the trigger. Nothing wrong with the components, in fact the kit really sold me on the big mouth fermenters. The small keg is solid quality too and I'll use it for portable beer. Hanging a stout faucet and heavy regulator directly off of plastic ball lock connectors may not be the best idea ever either... IMO, while it seems pretty good quality, the regulator is a waste unless it can be modded for a full size cylinder, at $20 a shot the N2 cartridges are completely unsustainable. Be aware too you'll need to purchase a coffee grinder while you're at it, the included coffee is whole bean. I'm not a fan of sickly sweet coffee, but since my results with this kit are so lackluster, I can only assume you have to add the included sugars to get the creamy results described in the ad. If that's the case I'm back to my Mason jars. The overall purchase gets 2 stars for the very good quality of the components included (that I'll use for other purposes), it would be about a zero strictly comparing my Jacked Up kit results to my $5 Mason jar DIY cold brew results without the kit.

Hi Tim I'm sorry that the Jacked-up cold brew system has not provided you with a high-quality experience. In order to get the foam head coffee must be prepared as prescribed. Please let us know if there is a way that we can improve your experience and remedy the situation.

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Jacked-Up Nitro Fully-Loaded Cold Brew Starter Kit

Jacked-Up Nitro Fully-Loaded Cold Brew Starter Kit