Keep Calm and Homebrew Growler

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Just about every homebrewer is familiar with Charlie Papazian reassuring slogan, Relax, don worry, have a homebrew. But what if he was a WWII era British Ministry of Information agent? Wee jumping on the bandwagon with this homebrew theme meme that puts a Papazian spin on the classic Keep Calm and Carry On slogan. Keep Calm and Homebrew, it more than just good advice, it a way of life.
This 64 oz brown glass growler comes with a 38mm metal screw cap and proudly sports our Keep Calm and Homebrew logo. This standard issue beer transportation device is perfect for taking your homebrew out of the house, so Keep Calm and bring homebrew.

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Keep Calm and Homebrew Growler

Keep Calm and Homebrew Growler