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Maillard Malts® Pilsen Malt Extract Syrup

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Maillard Malts® Pilsen Malt Extract Syrup is a pale-colored malt syrup made from pilsner malt and Carapils. It provides an excellent base for all pale beer styles.

This is the lightest-colored 100% malted barley extract available , 1.5 - 3.0° L. Produces a very crisp clear wort with a subtle, malty flavor and is an excellent base for a variety of styles. Try it in all beers that require a very light color, especially German and American lagers. Approximately 1.036 ppg. Our malt jugs are made from BPA-free plastic.

Maillard Malts® Malt Syrups are some of the freshest malt extracts you can buy. Our high rate of turnover- we package and sell hundreds of gallons every day -means that the syrup you receive won't have been sitting on the shelf for months. Fresh malt extract makes better beer!


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200615, 20063, 20066, 20066SP, 20064, 20067, 20069

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Maillard Malts® Pilsen Malt Extract Syrup

Maillard Malts® Pilsen Malt Extract Syrup