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A yeast-hull based nutrient to be added at the beginning of fermentation for any wine or mead. Use in yeast starters, stuck fermentations, and high-alcohol or other difficult fermentations to enhance yeast performance.

Nutriferm Energy brings alpha-amino acids, trace elements and mineral salts naturally contained in the yeast cell. Supplying nutrients and vitamins to yeast is strategic in the reproductive phase, when external elements such as alcohol or sulfur dioxide have not modified cell metabolism and the yeast ability to select nutrients. Nutriferm Energy shortens the lag phase, prevents formation of hydrogen sulfide and acetic acid, and increases the production of glycerol and polysaccharides.

Recommended dosage is 5-15 grams/100 liters. At a concentration of 100 ppm, Nutriferm Energy contributes 13 mg/L YAN (yeast available nitrogen) and 2 mg/L magnesium.

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Nutriferm Energy