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Ploughman’s Pint Irish Stout BYOB Recipe Kit

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What’s better than your first recipe kit? Your second! And third. And fourth.

Wherever Irish voices are raised in song, there's only one beer worthy of raising along with them -- a classic Irish Stout. And Ploughman's Pint is the perfect embodiment of this dark, dry and drinkable style. Roasted barley lends a deep, rich hue, alongside pronounced notes of dark-roast coffee and hop bitterness to enhance the dryness. This is one of the most popular styles among homebrewers; after a few pints, you'll understand what all the singing is about.

Recipe Kit includes:

  • Ploughman’s Pint steeping grain blend
  • Golden Light dry malt extract
  • Cluster hops
  • American ale brewing yeast
  • 10 customizable bottle labels
  • No-Rinse cleanser
  • Mesh steeping bag
  • Fizz drops
  • Bottle caps

Brewing Notes

  • Style: Irish Stout
  • IBUs: 45
  • ABV: 4.4%
  • Brew Time: 4 weeks
  • Yield: 9-10 beers

Brewmaster Brad’s Notes:

“Ploughman's Pint is the perfect embodiment of a Dry Irish Stout. The dark, dry and drinkable style has become synonymous with the Emerald Isle. Roasted barley lends a deep, black hue and unmistakable roast character alongside pronounced notes of fresh coffee and faint flavors of chocolate, all nestled into the base of biscuity malt flavor. A single hop addition serves to round out the flavor profile with prominent bitterness to balance the malt undertones and enhance the perception of dryness.”

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Ploughman’s Pint Irish Stout BYOB Recipe Kit

Ploughman’s Pint Irish Stout BYOB Recipe Kit