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Rainforest EverBru Kombucha 1 Gallon Recipe Kit

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Enjoy the rich, invigorating flavors of the Southern Hemisphere with Rainforest Blend EverBru Kombucha Recipe Kit. It's the perfect ratio of healing Yerba Mate tea blend for flavor, plus just the right amount of Maltofusion; a proprietary blend of organic malt sugars and natural sweetening agents.

Fizzy, delicious and powerfully probiotic, there's plenty to like about freshly fermented kombucha...and even more to love when you start exploring tantalizing flavor combinations!

There are literally an infinite number of possibilities customized to suit your personal palate. But you don't have to be some kind of manic mixologist to get the very best combos. We've developed recipes featuring a proprietary blend of kombucha sugars and teas, so you are guaranteed the most delicious flavors of booch, every batch.

Each recipe kit comes with tea blend, proprietary sugar blend and freshly harvested SCOBY, for the ultimate flavored booch experience. Makes 1 Gallon of Kombucha.

Need Kombucha Brewing Equipment? Check out the EverBru Kombucha Starter Kit.

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Rainforest EverBru Kombucha 1 Gallon Recipe Kit

Rainforest EverBru Kombucha 1 Gallon Recipe Kit