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Southern Hemisphere Hops Sampler Pack

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No need to trek to the land down under to savor the unique, tropical and fruity aromas and flavors of rare Southern Hemisphere hops. Though the hop growing regions of Australia and New Zealand account for only a small fraction of the world’s production, the hops grown there are some of the most sought-after by brewers around the world.

And now, the pride of the Southern Hemisphere can be yours to enjoy in abundance. Because we’ve gathered a full pound of incredibly rare hops from Australia and New Zealand into one unbelievably priced Southern Hemisphere Sampler Pack. Chock full of hops perfect for Saison, Fruit IPA, Session IPA, Wheat IPA...or whatever style you dream up.

Experiment with the Southern Hemisphere’s most renowned fruity, floral and spicy hop varieties to your palate’s content, including a generous supply of coveted Galaxy and Nelson Sauvin. These rock-stars of the hops world are often hard to get your hands on. But with a pound of potential at your disposal, there’s no telling what unique beers you can brew up from the Great Down Under.

Your Hops Sampler Pack includes:

3 oz Galaxy Hops - This Aussie hop variety has taken the craft beer industry by storm, showing off fresh flavors of gentle citrus and passion fruit in notable IPAs and pale ales. Comparable to Citra, but with the tropical fruit toned down and a bit more grassy flavor. Due to the high cohumulone content of this hop, it works best as a late addition or dry hop.

3 oz Nelson Sauvin Hops - Named after the grapes of Sauvignon Blanc, this sought-after hop variety adds the enticing aroma of crushed gooseberry with intriguing underlying notes of spice -- black pepper, mace, and allspice.  A great dual-purpose hop, with low cohumulone, good oil content, and an overall distinctive character that keeps this intriguing New Zealand hop in high demand.

3 oz Motueka Hops - A descendant of Saaz bursting with tropical citrus notes, this New Zealand hop variety is a great addition for use in European-style lagers. With a typical alpha of 6.5-7.5%, Motueka is an excellent variety for single hop bills with multiple applications.

3 oz Australian Enigma Hops - This high alpha descendant of the Swiss Tettnang hop is true to its name. Mysterious and changeable, Enigma offers a surprising variety of flavors -- everything from pinot gris and raspberries, to red currant and tropical fruit. Its unique, chameleon-like flavors and aromas shift dramatically, depending on how it is used. Dry hop or add late in the brew to get the most out of this Australian beaut.

4 oz New Zealand Pacific Gem Hops - A high alpha hop with strong bittering properties, Pacific Gem packs a distinctive zing, alongside enticing flavors of ripe melon, blackberries and oak with earthy and floral tones. Great for both early and late additions, this consistent, all-purpose New Zealand hop has a good balance of oils, which fill the air with heady aromas and add a delicate complexity to almost any brew.

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Hops Format Pellet Hops
Country of Origin Australia/New Zealand
Flavor Descriptors Tropical,Fruity,Floral,Spicy

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Southern Hemisphere Hops Sampler Pack

Southern Hemisphere Hops Sampler Pack

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