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The Sentinel® Boil Over Minder

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It can happen in an instant. You look a way for just one moment and suddenly your brew kettle erupts in a mushroom-cloud of scalding, sticky foam; a hazard to skin, steel, burners, and floors alike.

Never be caught off-guard ever again. Enter The Sentinel® Boilover Minder: your stainless-steel line of defense against the most dangerous of brew day surprises. Whether you brew in the light of day or darkest night, The Sentinel® will be there to keep your boil steady and your mind at peace.

Engineered to prevent boilovers, the strategically placed holes disrupt the foam by creating smaller columns that collapse under their own weight. No matter how high the foam tries to rise, your Sentinel® keeps a watchful eye, knocking the foam back again and again, so you have more time to react to prevent boilovers before they can even begin.

But don't worry about those early bittering hop additions. The Sentinel® knows friend from foe with a large central hole that allows for easy hop additions. It will never have to leave it's post.

The Sentinel® is designed specifically for the 8, 10, and 15 gallon MegaPot 1.2 brew kettles. Simply line up your Sentinel® so that it forms a seal with the edge of the kettle, and it's boiling time.

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The Sentinel® Boil Over Minder

The Sentinel® Boil Over Minder

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