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Ultratap SS Faucet

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When serving up a perfect pint, your faucet makes all the difference: the speed of the pour, the fragrant collar of foam.  Standard back-sealing faucets stick and corrode over time, which ruins the pour, and thus the overall drinking experience…before it’s even begun.

UltraTap: No sticking. No turbulence. Just perfect pours, every time.

From the inventor of the original Intertap comes Ultratap: the very latest in forward-sealing, laminar flow faucets.

Ratchet up the anticipation. Ultratap’s patented, laser-precision manufacturing techniques ensure the best pour on the market.  This newly-engineered, forward-sealing faucet keeps your beer fresher and won’t leave a residue on the inside of the tap. The unique internal design, featuring ultra smooth surfaces and a perfectly-honed horizontal piston, minimizes micro eddies in the liquid’s flow and prevents uneven wear and tear on internal o-rings.  

Strength in simplicity. Solid stainless steel construction. Fewer parts than other forward-sealing faucets.

Each Ultratap is individually boxed and includes black economy-style tap handle.    

COMING SOON: Ultratap stainless steel attachments. Pour perfect growler fills, stout and nitro fills, and liquid to liquid ball lock transfers, right from your tap to your mini kegs.

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Ultratap SS Faucet