Wine Bladder Press - 20L

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The Bladder Press was designed to improve the traditional wooden-basket ratchet-style press and has quickly become the preferred method for juice extraction.

Cut your grape pressing time in half by using this 20-liter bladder press. This efficient bladder press is incredibly easy to use and provides better results than the old fermenting and pressing techniques. Its secret: water pressure. This style of pressing is more subtle and softer on the fruit and prevents extraction of the bitter tannins from seeds and skins.

Efficient method of pressing grapes operates in half the time of a ratchet-style press, about minutes!

Water pressure is used to inflate the press rather than air; no more than 30 psi is needed for most fruits.

Stainless steel cage with painted lid and basin.

Connect to your garden hose faucet and squeeze out the juice.

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Wine Bladder Press - 20L

Wine Bladder Press - 20L