Yeast Health Kit with Fast Pitch®

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Meet the dream team. An instant yeast starter, the most powerful homebrew stir plate in the world and pure oxygen infusion for your wort.

Feed your yeast with Fast Pitch®, jump start growth on the Maelstrom®, infuse your wort with pure oxygenation and watch your fermentation take off. If fermenting your homebrew is the olympics, the Yeast Health Kit is a world-class training center.

Build up your team of yeast cells and get them pumped for ultimate performance. Quick results, straightforward execution and gold-medal beer. Just a pop of the top, push of a button and a turn of a valve!

Kit Includes 
  • Oxygenation Kit 2.0
  • Maelstrom® Stir Plate
  • Fast Pitch® Canned Wort (4-pack)
  • 2000mL Flask and Stopper
  • Complete Instructions

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Yeast Health Kit with Fast Pitch®

Yeast Health Kit with Fast Pitch®