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Saison au Miel 1 Gallon Recipe Kit


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Our Saison au Miel small batch kit is designed to give you tons of flavor in a small package. The agrarian roots of honey beer shine through in this uniquely expressive beer, with notes of black pepper, exotic spice, a long dry finish, and boastful fruity yeast aromatics. A perfect beer for spring and summer, saisons have a tolerance for higher fermentation temperatures, and even get better the warmer they ferment!

We strongly recommend ordering dry yeast in the summer months. We do include complimentary ice packs with all liquid yeasts, but it is difficult to guarantee that the ice packs will survive the trip given transit times and particularly hot temperatures.


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Saison au Miel - 1 Gallon Small Batch Beer Recipe Kit

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  • Saison au Miel Beer Kit 1 Gallon Small Batch
Product Details
Our Saison au Miel beer kit is designed to give you tons of flavor in a small package. The agrarian roots of honey beer shine through in this uniquely expressive beer, with notes of black pepper, exotic spice, a long dry finish, and boastful fruity yeast aromatics. Perfect for spring and summer, saisons have a tolerance for higher fermentation temperatures, and even get better the warmer they ferment!
Additional Information
Beer Kit Yield1 Gallon
Recipe and InstructionsClick Here for Saison au Miel 1 Gallon Recipe Kit Brewing Instructions
Regional StyleUSA
Original Gravity1048
Total Time to Make6 weeks
4.6 / 5.0
19 Reviews
5 Stars
4 Stars
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Fantastic beer!
This was a fantastic beer for my first homebrew. I was worried about getting too much honey but there was just the slightest hint. Great beer. Definitely buying again.
April 17, 2018
1 month ago
Awesome Saison!
This was so good I made a 2 gallon batch based on this recipe. If you are new to Saisons or already love them, get this one.
November 20, 2017
7 months ago
Interesting Saison
Loved this Saison. Really interesting flavor profile. Probably could have done better with temp control, but the recipe is great.
October 5, 2016
Best kit by far if you are a fan of saison. Easy to make. Kept it in the fermenter for 3 weeks and bottle conditioned for 3 weeks. Beautiful carbonation and color. Definitely ordering this one again.
May 13, 2016
Saison au Miel
Came just as advertised. Have not used it yet. Can't wait.
March 23, 2016
Screwed it up
Boiled too hard and ended up with 1/2 a gallon of wort. Didn't dilute, just pitched and she fizzled out after 3 days. She'll be in primary for over 3 weeks before I bottle, not expecting much here.
February 18, 2016
Response from Northern Brewer
Thanks for the review. Northern does have a replacement guarantee, though in a case like this you would need to pay shipping..it could piggie-back on an order for other items so you could call in the next order if the beer is less than awesome. We just case that people get an awesome product to brew. share. enjoy. so let us know!

November 21, 2016
Northern Brewer
Great for first time brewer
When I boiled up the DME, man did it smell good. It was good enough to drink after the boil. I've been having a bit of a problem during fermentation but my ABV is fine. Don't know what it is exactly, but it is not weak! Also been having a bit of an issue with bottle carbonation but these are all my fault & this is probably related to my very quick fermentation. This beer fermented for me very quickly; probably was done in 3 days or less.
December 6, 2015
It's good but I went WAY off road.
I made a **double batch** of this kit with a few modifications.1. I substituted the hops provided with the kit with 1 oz. of Sorachi Ace hops given to me by a friend. That one ounce applies to two kits.2. I used the dry yeast provided with the kit, Belle Saison. I used one entire packet on two gallons of wort.3. I fermented the beer in my garage in a three-gallon fermenter to give it enough headspace so I wouldn't have to fool around with a blow-off tube. I live in South Texas. Even in my garage which is attached to my centrally air-conditioned house, it's never less than 76 degrees Fahrenheit. During the day, I'm sure the temperature reached at least 86.The beer fermented totally in less than five days. My terminal gravity ended up around 1004. Once it was stable over three days, I bottled it in 22-oz. bomber, using two carbonaton drops per bottle.My impression: It's amazingly good, dry and not sweet. I'm from Bavaria and I love a good banana Hefeweizen, so I'm not afraid of esters. The yeast strain produces banana, lychee, and even pear esters. All of these play (and taste) well with the yeast. This is a great kit to play around with, and in this climate, you can have great beer quickly. It's worth your time! I'm also sure that if you stick 100% to the enclosed directions you'll end up with a delicious beer worth serving.
July 12, 2015
A complex bottle of delicious.
I followed the directions exactly, fermenting this ale in a cool room (68F-72F) and let the ale go without any kind of temperature control. I pitched half the yeast packet, as directed. The Belle Saison yeast kicked off quickly and the krausen was thick. It finished up pretty quickly, but I left it in the fermenter for 2 weeks. When I bottled the beer was still very cloudy.After 10 days in the bottle I just couldn't wait any more. Carbonation is good, the beer is clear now, and it is a pretty yellow color. It is a tiny bit more bitter than the store-bought saisons I've tried, but not anywhere near IPA or anything like that. The feedback I've got from this one is that it is the best beer I've brewed so far. I agree with this assessment.It is a very dry beer (typical of saison). On the tongue you get that saison barnyard taste (not strong though). It has the slightest hint of honey and a cleaning bitterness on the back of the tongue. A very complex beer, and it goes down soooo easily. I will need to scale this one up.
December 23, 2014
Great beer!
IÕm not into writing reviews, but this saison needs more praise. If youÕve just started to brew at home, this is an excellent beer kit to start; easy to brew, behaves in the fermenter, very forgiving if you pitched a little too much yeast or exposed it to higher temperatures (it may even come out better at the end) and the result is a great farmhouse ale, both refreshing and complex. I recommend to bottle in 22oz bombers, so if you use two ÔcandyÕ drops, the carbonation will be just perfect. (Again, a very forgiving brew, if you manage to syphon out a little extra yeast from the bottom of the fermenter when bottling; just let it sit in the bottle for two-three weeks.)
October 21, 2014
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Do I have to pitch the yeast in this kit or do I just add the yeast from the packet?
A shopper on Mar 11, 2017
BEST ANSWER: The answer is yes to both questions. You do need to pitch yeast in this kit. Actually, "pitch yeast", is the term brewers use to describe adding yeast to your cooled wort. So in essence, you will pitch yeast into all batches of wort you wish to ferment. In this kit, you will receive a package of dry yeast. After you sanitize the pack and scissors, cut open the pack and pour in about half. (discard or use the other half pack to make some bread) A typical dry yeast pack can ferment a typical 5 gallon batch of average ABV beer. You only need half the pack because this is a one gallon kit. If you want to take it a step further, you can rehydrate the dry yeast before pitching. Good Brewing!!
Do I Need To Rehydarate The Yeast? I just bought this kit and when I received it, I was going through the box making sure I had everything. I noticed on the back of the yeast packet, which is the Lallemand Belle Saison yeast, that it says it needs to be rehydrated. I then looked in the brewing instructions about having to rehydrate the yeast, and all it said was to use half the yeast packet. So, do I need to rehydrate the yeast before using it, or do I just pitch in half the yeast packet?
Robert V on May 12, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Just pitch half. I've made many a 1 gal kit from NB & that's all you have to do. Save other half for perhaps adding small quantity prior to bottling. I went thru a period where I had 3 or 4 successive batches turn out flat & now I add a small amount of yeast to ea. bottle prior to bottling. This ensures no flat beer !!
What should the OG of this brew be?
Jeffrey B on Apr 6, 2018
Why do the instructions say to only pitch half the provided yeast and either discard the rest or use it for bread? It specifically says not to make beer with the leftover yeast. Why can’t the second half of the yeast packet be used, if the first half is fine to make beer with?
A shopper on Dec 16, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Thank you for contacting Northern Brewer. I understand you are brewing the Saison au Miel One gallon kit. This kit originally came with a packet of yeast made to brew a 5 gallon batch of beer, so the instructions were to just put in half of the package. We have now begun making smaller packets of yeast that are specifically made for the one gallon kits. If you have a smaller packet of yeast that is white and in a square shape and should have 5 grams, that one is made especially for a one gallon recipe. If you have a packet that is a rectangle and has roughly 11 grams of yeast, you have a full 5 gallon package and you would only need to put in half the packet. Sorry for the confusion. Cheers!

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